Where to Get Uchigatana in Elden Ring

Don't miss out on the chance to wield the legendary Uchigatana and become a true warrior in Elden Ring!

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Elden Ring is filled with a lot of elements that we have already experienced in the previous titles from the same developers. When we talk about these, we can’t forget about the katana named Uchigatana which has been a staple of the Souls series for quite some time. Considering that it increases blood loss, the Uchigatana is one of the most popular Elden Ring weapons for melee builds. Throughout your Lands Between journey, the Uchigatana in Elden Ring is probably the greatest beginning weapon, but you can acquire only one at any time. Although if you are a skilled ninja or a novice warrior, this weapon is a must-have in your arsenal.

It’s a powerful sword that is highly sought after in the world of PvP, and dual-wielding two of them can be an intimidating prospect for Elden Ring bosses. Elden Ring Uchigatana is a little tricky weapon to obtain since you can only find one at a time but what if you want a dual katana in your build and you can’t even buy it from a merchant? In this guide, we will explain where to get Uchigatana in Elden Ring so you will have an upper hand when facing your enemies during the game’s adventure.

Uchigatana Overview

Elden Ring Uchigatana Stats

In Elden Ring, this weapon demands a minimum of 11 Strength and 15 Dexterity to use it effectively. Though not regarded as the ultimate choice among the game’s katanas, it still serves as a dependable alternative for a diverse range of Elden Ring builds, particularly those focused on inducing blood loss. The Uchigatana is a versatile sword that’s perfect for aggressive playstyles.

Unsheathe is the standard Uchigatana weapon skill, which sheathes the sword and then swiftly draws it for a powerful and offensive strike. Because of this, it’s a good choice of surprising enemies at the outset of the battle. The Unsheathe skill requires abilities and precision to execute effectively, but when used correctly, it can be a devastating tool in the hands of a skilled warrior. When you wield a pair of these swords, you can trigger a Powerstance that amplifies your raw damage and Blood Loss accumulation. To further make them strong, Ash of War: Seppuku and Lord of Blood’s Exultation talismans are both excellent complements to use with this weapon build.

Where to Find Uchigatana in Elden Ring

Well, if you are playing the game with Samurai as a starting class, you don’t need to put effort to get Uchigatana as it will already be available for you. But don’t worry, even if you have selected any other class, getting this powerful katana is not a big deal. So, if you want to obtain it, the Uchigatana location is Deathtouched Catacombs, which are found in Limgrave’s northern region.

Deathtouched Catacombs Map Location

Follow the below steps to reach the place of the katana:

  • Firstly, take the neighboring steps down into a larger room after leaving the dungeon’s Site of Grace by following the straight road down past the first skeleton you see out there.
  • After you have to enter the alcove to the right of the steps, which has a small and rather concealed door.
  • From there, just goes forward and turn left via the subsequent door after entering the door adjacent to the stairs. The Elden Ring Uchigatana will be lying on a dead body.

Collect your reward and you are ready to deliver great blows to take down your enemies up ahead of your Lands Between journey.

Uchigatana’s Default Weapon Skill and Stats

The Uchigatana has the weapon skill Unsheathe and causes Blood Loss build-up of 45. This enables you to draw your blade and make a stronger slash with a future normal strike. It weighs 5.5 and has 115 Physical Attack and 100 Critical. The sword may be improved using Smithing Stones and Ashes of War and costs 100 Runes to purchase. The Uchigatana’s basic stats are as follows:

  • Damage type: Slash/Pierce
  • Ability: Unsheathe (FP cost — 10/15)
  • Weight: 5.5

Uchigatana Attack Power

  • Physical: 115
  • Magic: 0
  • Fire: 0
  • Lightning: 0
  • Holy: 0
  • Critical: 100

Guarded Damage Negation

  • Physical: 45
  • Magic: 30
  • Fire: 30
  • Lightning: 30
  • Holy: 30
  • Guard Boost: 30

Uchigatana Attribute Scaling

  • STR: D
  • DEX: D

Uchigatana Attributes Required

  • STR: 11
  • DEX: 15

Uchigatana Passive Effects

  • Blood Loss buildup (45)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Uchigatana Good in Elden Ring?

The Uchigatana is a highly effective weapon in Elden Ring, owing to its excellent scaling and ability to cause bleeding. Katanas, in general, are formidable weapons in this game, offering a passive bleed effect that can deal a good amount of damage to bosses and invaders. In particular, it’s a top-tier weapon that can be upgraded to deal even more damage, making it an excellent choice for someone who prioritizes agility and speed in combat.

Can You Get 2 Uchigatana without a Samurai?

If you had decided to play as a Samurai starting class then Uchigatana is going to be your main weapon. But, you may really get another one if you don’t want to or if you want to use your current katana with twin blades.

Which Uchigatana is Better in Elden Ring?

Contrary to expectations, the Uchigatana you start with is one of the best katanas in the game. It can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time and is very portable. It also mounts Bleed, making it ideal for efficiently eliminating foes. Its quick and nimble movements allow for swift strikes that can catch opponents off guard.

What Katana is Better than Uchigatana in Elden Ring?

If we talk about the best available katana in the game, then we can go with Dragonscale Blade. This Katana packs a serious punch, dealing devastating physical and elemental damage that makes it outshine its counterparts. Although, unlike other katanas, the Dragonscale Blade doesn’t have any passive effects, which can make it less appealing to some players.

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