How to Sprint in Elden Ring (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

Need help running faster in Elden Ring? Look no further!

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In Elden Ring, the Lands Between is a dangerous region with powerful enemies. As such, to stand any chance at surviving, you’ll need to be able to maneuver through these areas quickly. Sprinting is an important feature in any FromSoftware game, and Elden Ring is no exception. It helps players reach their destination faster, dodge enemy attacks easily, or get a second wind to keep going longer. The ability to sprint in Elden Ring largely depends on the platform you’re playing on console or PC – and certain in-game factors.

Depending on your gaming system or device, your ability to sprint can depend on various factors, like equipment load-out. Using this properly makes all the difference between success and failure against some of the game’s toughest bosses, so knowing how to sprint in Elden Ring correctly is essential for those looking to get into the game.

How to Sprint in Elden Ring on PS4 & PS5

Elden Ring sprint on PS5 and PS4 consoles is a relatively simple process. To do that, you must press and hold the circle button while moving in your preferred direction. It’s important to ensure the long press of the key as just a tap will result in a dodge roll instead. Additionally, when sprinting, your character will tire easily, so be careful not to over-do it to conserve energy.

The Circle button in the game provides many useful functions. You can tap it without pressing a direction on the left control stick to take a step back, and if you press the button while moving the left stick in any direction, your character will perform a dodge roll. Knowing how to use this simple mechanic can be important for mastering combat, so it’s important to take time and input your commands intentionally.

How to Sprint in Elden Ring on Xbox Controller

Playing Elden Ring on Xbox requires sprinting by holding down the B button while giving a directional input. Remember, you can only do that if you hold the B button while moving. Furthermore, pressing B without giving any direction will cause your character to backstep, and if you press the button with directional input, the character will dodge in that direction. Being familiar with these controls is important for moving around efficiently in the game and getting an edge over your opponents.

How to Sprint in Elden Ring on PC [Keyboard]

If you are a PC gamer with a mouse and keyboard under your hands, then the key to sprint in Elden Ring is the space bar. All you have to do is hold down the space bar while giving a direction, and your character will start sprinting. If you press the space bar with no direction given, it will backstep, but it’s also possible to dodge attacks by quickly tapping the same keyboard button if you provide any directional input.

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Tips for Sprinting

Here are some Elden Ring tips to help you sprint more effectively:

  • Stamina: Sprinting uses up stamina, so make sure you have enough before you start running. Keep an eye on your stamina bar and let it recharge before you move again. Make sure you take breaks whenever necessary; even if your stamina bar is full, try not to overdo it. Continuous sprinting can tire out your character quickly, leading them to fatigue after only a few minutes of consecutive use (and reducing their ability to continue). Instead, use short bursts of sprints alternating with walking periods – that way, when things get dicey, you’ll still have enough energy.
  • Terrain: The terrain in Elden Ring can be uneven, so be careful when sprinting. Avoid obstacles to an uninterrupted run that can be maintained at top speed over long distances.
  • Enemies: Fast running can attract enemies, so be aware of your surroundings. If you see enemies in the distance, consider walking instead of sprinting to avoid drawing their attention. You should avoid moving toward your foes – this could lead to dangerous confrontations for which you may be unprepared.


Can You Sprint in Combat in Elden Ring?

Sprinting is an essential mechanic in Elden Ring, but it is not a wise option during battle. You have to rely on dodging and blocking to avoid attacks during combat. It can create distance between yourself and your enemies but is ineffective in the fights.

How Does Sprinting Affect Your Character’s Equipment Load in Elden Ring?

Equip Load in Elden Ring is an integral part of the character-building process. Your equipment load determines how much weight your character can carry before being overburdened. You must carefully plan your characters’ gear, as exceeding certain Equip Load breakpoints will decrease the movement/roll speed and invincibility frames.

Different armor sets can offer varying levels of protection against damage, with heavier armor providing higher protection at the cost of a more Equip Load. Hence, you should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages that each piece of equipment offers to create a character that fits their playstyle. Sprint only affects the stamina bar, so you need to manage it carefully to avoid exhaustion.

Final Thoughts

Sprint in Elden Ring allows you to move quickly through the game’s expansive landscapes and scale heights that would otherwise take too long by running or walking. This can help avoid dangerous bosses, as well as in reaching objectives faster and more easily. To sprint effectively, you must keep your Stamina bar full, practice timing your sprints with enemy attacks, and properly use obstacles on the map. We hope this guide has helped you learn about this quick movement to help you master this skill and wish you luck on your journey through Lands Between!

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