Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform? Crossplay on PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Here's everything you need to know about crossplay multiplayer in Elden Ring.

By GR Staff

Being a passionate Elden Ring player, you’re probably eager to explore its epic landscapes with your buddies. One big question definitely crossed your mind, “Is Elden Ring cross-platform or crossplay?” Since Elden Ring’s multiplayer features cooperative and competitive modes, we may dream about participating in fights and completing the quests with our friends across different platforms including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Certain restrictions do exist, and, indeed, you can’t play with anyone on every system. As this is currently a hot topic on the internet, we are here with all the necessary information you need to know about that.

Elden Ring has become the top-selling Soulsborne game of 2022, thanks to its massive player base and dope multiplayer components. However, these elements aren’t as straightforward to navigate as they were in the predecessors. Given the game’s enormous global fanbase, it’s clear that loads of Elden Ring fans are eager to roam the Lands Between with their friends, soaking in all the fun together. But what possibilities do you have between platforms? We know that many high-end games these days have got our backs with cross-platform support. So what’s the scoop with Elden Ring crossplay?

Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform or Crossplay?

Unfortunately, the answer is no; Elden Ring is not a cross-platform title as of now. So, if you’re looking to play with friends between different devices, crossplay isn’t available, so PC gamers can’t join in with console players.

However, the game comes included with cross-gen support. This is a gamer talk for “you can play with friends even if they don’t have the same model of console.” So if you’re a PlayStation user, whether you have a PS4 or the latest PS5, you’re all set to team up and play together. And Xbox gamers, you’re included too – it doesn’t matter if you’re on an Xbox One or Series X|S, you can still connect with your Xbox buddies. Sadly, if you’re on PC, you won’t be able to play together with any console player. It’s like having exclusive parties where only the same types of devices can hang out.

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Sadly, there is no crossplay support in Elden Ring but it does have cross-gen feature.
Sadly, there is no crossplay support in Elden Ring but it does have cross-gen feature.

Is Elden Ring Cross-Progression?

If you’re the kind of player who bounces between different gaming systems, you’re going to love this: Elden Ring has cross-progression. That’s right, whether you’re playing on a PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S, you can keep your game progress in sync across all these platforms.

Start your quest on the PC, and if you decide to switch over to your console, you can pick up right where you left off, with all your settings just as you left them. This feature is super handy if you’re thinking of upgrading to a new console or just like to switch up your play style. Since we all know climbing the ranks in Elden Ring can be pretty challenging, it’s a relief to know you won’t lose a step in your progress if you switch between platforms.

How to Play Multiplayer in Elden Ring and How It Works?

Jumping into Elden Ring’s multiplayer is a breeze, and it’s all about having the right gear to team up and tackle the challenges ahead, just like you might remember from the Dark Souls days. In the game, other players can summon you by leaving signs around, kind of like shouting out “Hey, I’m here!” But unlike in Dark Souls, you don’t need to worry about having specific items just to get into multiplayer mode.

You might remember the Humanity and Embers from Dark Souls 1 and 3. They’re no longer a thing you have to keep track of in your inventory, which makes jumping into multiplayer even smoother. It’s more welcoming than ever, so you can focus on the fun part: playing with others.

It’s a bit of a bummer, though, that we don’t have Elden Ring crossplay support. This means we’re missing out on a bigger crowd to play with since you’re limited to linking up with players on the same platform as you. But, the community’s still very vast, so there are plenty of players to team up with for some epic Lands Between adventures.