Elden Ring Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones Guide

Uncover the mystical Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones in Elden Ring and gear up to face the perilous challenges.

By GamesRecon

Elden Ring is the great realm of torment and glory from the twisted minds at From Software. They’ve developed a world that holds true to the ruthless challenge we’ve come to love and scream at in their previous masterpieces like Bloodborne and the iconic Souls series. Yet, this time around, they’ve thrown us a bone. Elden Ring stretches out into a large open world, offering restless adventurers more room to breathe and plot our next move. Gone are the rigid, linear paths blocked by snarling bosses, replaced by a sprawling location where we can choose our own poison. If a boss curb stomps you into the ground, no worries—you can trot off, bulk up, and come back swinging with the full blows.

But to stand a chance in this ruthless Lands Between, you need to buff up not just your character but your gear too. Like in the Soulsborne saga, Elden Ring lets you grind, loot, and quest your way to a stronger version of yourself. And the sweet allure of Smithing Stones—these items are your ticket to turning your gear from “meh” to “mighty.” You can buy some from the local NPCs, while others are your spoils of war for sending dangerous Elden Ring bosses to the abyss. Among these stones, there’s a special, mythical gem known as the Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. This rare stone is not just a stone; it’s a promise of power, a whisper of a godly weapon.

In this guide, we’re diving into the heart of Elden Ring to explain the secrets of the Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones—where to find them, what strong impact they weave into your equipment, and how to keep the supply coming even when you think you’ve tapped the world dry.

Where to Find Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones in Elden Ring?

You’re probably frothing at the bit to get your mitts on these legendary Elden Ring Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones. But let me tell you, these stones aren’t just going to waltz into your inventory; you’ve got to set yourself on a quest of epic proportions to lay claim to them. The Lands Between terrain is huge and filled with secrets waiting to be unearthed, and these smithing stones are no exception.

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Chest Containing Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones

  1. Dragon Temple Rooftop & Leyndell:
    • Near the Dragon Temple Rooftop, go southeast and look for a gazebo, it’s hiding behind the dragon who’s got a thing for red glow. Another one awaits on the southwest side of Leyndell, just begging to be discovered. Look for the dragon corpse there and climb on it with the ladder, move towards the right of the corpse, and drop down again. You’ll find a dead body in the ash and your Stone on it.
  2. Agheel Lake Bridge:
    • Take a stroll near the Agheel Lake bridge and keep your eyes peeled for a dead body in a chair. It’s morbid, but, the stone is worth it.
  3. Haligtree Area:
    • The Haligtree area is home to Malenia, Blade of Miquella, and some of these mighty stones. Two can be found in the city of Elphael at the base of the Haligtree. While you’re there, check out the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace, the Gaol Cave, and the First Church of Marika too.
  4. Prayer Room Site of Grace:
    • Remember that Putrid Avatar by the Prayer Room Site of Grace? It’s guarding a stone! Head down the path, hang a right instead of going to the doorway behind the Avatar, and you’ll find the stone on a corpse near the path’s end.
  5. Mohgwyn Palace:
    • After a secret portal ride to Mohgwyn Palace, near the Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint, you’ll find a chest under a huge statue. What’s inside? You guessed it, another Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.
  6. Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree:
    • While you’re in the Haligtree area, make a stop at Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree for another chance at snagging one of these rare stones.

Elden Ring: How to Use Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones?

Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones aren’t just your average grindstones; they’re your way to the elite league of Elden Ring weapons and gear.

Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones Stats

While it might be interesting to hawk these stones for cool 2000 runes, don’t let those shiny coins fool you. These stones are the keys to unlocking the apex of weapon upgrades. When you hand one over to the Blacksmith, a new line of dialogue will emerge from the old craftsman, hinting at a “God Slaying Armament”. We’re talking about transforming your weapon to a divine level, where each swing of your blade resonates with the fury of enemies.

Selecting this dialogue option will allow you to upgrade a compatible weapon to its zenith, reaching the much-coveted +10 level. And as the celestial cherry on top, you’ll bag the “God Slaying Armament” achievement. Now that’s what we call a legendary win-win.

But the beauty of the Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone doesn’t just stop at upgrading. It’s about reaching the pinnacle of your weapon’s potential, about forging a legacy that resonates through the lands of Elden Ring. Each strike infuse with the might of dragons, each armor piece a bulwark against the encroaching darkness.

How to Obtain More Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones in Elden Ring?

The world of Elden Ring isn’t overflowing with these mighty Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones. They are as rare as a friendly face in this land of brutal challenges. So, what do you do when you’ve used up your stash and are yearning for more of that sweet upgrade magic? You need to dive into New Game Plus, and the world resets, putting all those 21 precious stones back in place.

The thing is, each run-through Elden Ring has a set number of these coveted stones. It’s a brutal yet exhilarating cycle of valor and reward. And with each iteration, with each journey into the unforgiving yet enthralling wilderness of the game, you become a part of the legend, a part of the very lore that fuels the fires of adventure in the hearts of gamers.