Alan Wake 2: How to Get the Mayor Setter Charm

Get that charm and start uncovering every hidden gem Alan Wake 2 has to offer.

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In the mysterious and sometimes spooky world of Alan Wake 2, it’s not just about revealing secrets or staying one step ahead of the shadows. The game also offers some really awesome stuff to obtain, and one thing you absolutely can’t skip is the Mayor Setter Charm. This thing is basically your golden ticket to a lot of valuable in-game loot. In this article, we will talk about how you can get this charm and why it’s useful to put your efforts into collecting it.

Alan Wake 2: Collecting the Mayor Setter Charm

So how can you obtain the Mayor Setter Charm in Alan Wake 2? First things first, if you’re someone who loves completing in-game achievements, this charm is the must-have element to obtain the Rustic Charm Achievement.

You’ve got to play detective and track down some campaign posters in Bright Falls and Watery areas. These posters are about our four-legged friend (dog) running for mayor; keep an eye out for those “Setter for Mayor” posters which you’ll find them in different spots. Your adventure will take you through some places and uncover these posters. The final piece of the puzzle is in the Valhalla Nursing Home – this is where you’ll find the last poster you need.

Once you’ve checked out all six locations, you’re all set to meet the star of the show – Mayor Setter. After your mini scavenger hunt, you can head to Watery to meet the charming candidate. And guess what? Meeting him doesn’t just get you the Mayor Setter Charm; you’ll also unlock ‘The Nice Things in Life‘ achievement, along with that ‘Rustic Charm‘ achievement we talked about.

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How to Get the Mayor Setter Charm in Alan Wake 2

So you’re on the hunt for the Mayor Setter Charm, and you’re wondering where to find those valuable Mayor Setter campaign posters? Here’s the scoop on where to track them down:

Mayor Poster Locations in Bright Falls

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In Bright Falls:

  • “Setter is Better” Poster: Start from your car, and head north up the street from the Lodge. Keep your eyes peeled on the left, and you’ll find this gem.
  • “Mayor Setter Won’t Roll Over On the Issues” Poster: Turn left after crossing the street from the Lodge. Simply continue forward and you’ll see this one across from the Diner.
  • “Vote for Mayor Setter to Sit in Office” Poster: This one’s at the Valhalla Nursing Home, right in front of the Wellness Center. But hold your horses – before you begin Chapter 5, Return 5, you will not be able to obtain this one.

Watery Mayor Poster Locations

In Watery:

  • “Mayor Setter Will Stand Up for Justice” Poster: Just after getting out of your car, this one will be staring at you in front of the Suomi Hall bar. Note: You’ve got to wait till your first visit to Watery.
  • “When You Ask, Mayor Setter Will Speak” Poster: Head into Coffee World; near the entrance, where the Moose should be, you’ll find this one. Available on your first trip to Watery in Return 3.
  • “Mayor Setter Is Not Afraid of the Rough Questions” Poster: Also at the Valhalla Nursing Home, right where you’d expect, in front of the Wellness Center. Grab this on your first visit to Watery during Return 3.

Meeting Mayor Setter

Face to face with Mayor Setter

Alright, you’ve done the legwork, found all those campaign posters, and now it’s time for the main event in Alan Wake 2: Meeting the one and only Mayor Setter. So, head back to Suomi Hall in Watery. Remember the first poster you found there? That’s your spot. Walk in, and there he is, right on stage. Yes, Mayor Setter isn’t just any character – he’s a dog. And not just any dog, but a dog with a very important task.

Here’s the best part: All you’ve got to do is give Mayor Setter a pet. That’s right, just a little show of affection, and that’s it – the Mayor Setter Charm is yours and you also unlock ‘The Nice Things in Life’ achievement.

Why Mayor Setter Charm is Important to Get?

You may think, what’s so special about this charm? Why go through all the trouble? Well, consider this charm as your in-game GPS upgrade. Once you’ve got it, it’s like unlocking a secret map. This charm lights up your map with all sorts of locations that you might not have found on your own. These spots include the areas for items such as Alex Casey Lunchboxes, Cult Stashes, and Nursery Rhymes.

So, in a nutshell, the Mayor Setter Charm isn’t just a simple collectible; it’s very useful in your game’s tale. It adds an extra layer to your exploration and makes sure you’re not missing out on any of the hidden areas and elements. But it doesn’t show everything on the map; only Saga, our charm-collecting hero, gets to use it. Alan? Well, he’s on his own when it comes to finding goodies.