Alan Wake 2 Watery Lunch Box Locations Guide

Learn where to find lunch boxes in Watery and upgrade your equipment.

By GamesRecon

In Alan Wake 2, the Watery region offers a unique challenge for players in the form of collecting Alex Casey Lunchboxes, which are critical for upgrading weapons through Manuscript Fragments. Every lunch box contains some fragments that you need to unlock weapon enhancements. These collectibles are strategically placed in different areas of Watery and you have to travel to various spots and locate all of them. You can spot them easily because they’re marked with bright, colorful decorations such as rocks, which look kinda out of place in this old, run-down town.

These Alex Casey Lunchboxes are special hidden items that you can find in the Saga Anderson chapters. We’ve got a handy list of where you can find every single one in Watery. These boxes have something good inside – Manuscript Fragments. These fragments are required for upgrading your weapons, so these are very special items to collect in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Watery Lunch Box Locations

Each of the lunch boxes in Watery contains not only Manuscript Fragments but also a message. Remarkably, all the boxes in this region are accessible as soon as you arrive in Watery, with no restrictions preventing their collection. Because of this, players can go at their leisure while exploring and gathering these things, which adds to the game’s depth.

The specific locations of these lunchboxes in Watery are as follows:

Lunch box 1 Location - Radio Tower

Lunch box #1: You can find this far north of Watery, on the northern ledge of the Radio Tower – this lunchbox contains 7 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 2 Location - Ranger Cabin

Lunch box #2: You can get to a ridgetop overlooking the Ranger Station via a route that branches off the road to Coffee World. Find the next lunchbox in this little campground which contains 5 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 3 Location - Coffee World Entrance

Lunch box #3: The third lunch box has nine pieces and is placed right outside Coffee World’s main entrance. You can find this item if you look carefully in the right-hand archway.

Lunch Box 4 Location - Lighthouse Trailer Park

Lunch box #4: It is situated on the Lighthouse Trailer Park’s northwestern side. Go to the park’s northwest corner and look for it by the barrier which contains 7 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 5 Location - Kalevala Knights Workshop

Lunch box #5: You can find it at the Kalevala Knights Workshop. Go out of Coffee World and enter the building via the main roadway. Search the area around the boats on the building’s right side for this box, it contains 6 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 6 Location - Lighthouse Break Room

Lunch box #6: Located right next to the Watery Lighthouse Break Room. It’s found on the cliff to the left of the Break Room and contains 9 Manuscript Fragments.