Pokemon Radical Red Cheats List 2022

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If you are looking for free Pokemon Radical Red cheats of unlimited Berries, EXP, Stats, Money, and other things, then we have got you covered and will share a list of free cheat codes. Pokemon Radical Red was released back in 2004 along with Leaf Green as a remaster of the popular Pokemon Red and Green for the Gameboy console. The Pokemon Radical Red is the ROM hack for the original Pokemon Red game. It is actually a remaster of the original edition. This new version of the game contains a large number of gameplay elements from Fire Red and adds some new quality features to make the game better.

The story of the original game is untouched in Pokemon Radical Red and cheats are also available for this game. This is a good thing for both new and old players as they have something new to enjoy. Although the game features a built-in randomizer, you should first play the basic game once to get familiar with how the game works before using the randomizer which makes the game difficult.

If your thirst for battle isn’t quenched, return to any gym leader that you have already defeated for a rematch to give them a second chance. The eighth gym leader is changed from Giovanni to Clair in Pokemon Radical Red by introducing cheat codes in the game. Your whole team combination will be toppled upside down because Pokemon will have different stats in Radical Red. This opens new doors for new and old players to test all the available Pokemon in the game and set their team from root again.

In the previous version, players were sick and tired of having to train their EVs outside but developers have added specific areas for EV training in Radical Red. Fire Red didn’t feature any Pokemon at all in the main storyline but developers have added various legendary Pokemon along with beasts and mythical to Radical Red. You can add them to your team to take on difficult stages easily using Pokemon Radical Red cheats.

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats List

Among these legendary Pokemon in Radical Red, Celebi, Mewtwo, Pheromosa, and Moltres are some of the best options. You can easily upgrade the Pokemon to max level in a short period to take on other Pokemon on the map and defeat them effortlessly.

Walk through Walls

  • 1670047D 04815C68
  • 18452A7D DDE55BCC

The above cheat codes help to gain walk-through walls and other terrains.

999999 PokeDollars

  • 509197D3 542975F4
  • 78DA95DF 44018CB4

The codes help to get unlimited PokeDollars. PokeDollars is an in-game currency, if you buy anything in the Pokemon game you need PokeDollars.

Rare Candies

  • 820257BC 423F
  • 820257BE 000F

Use the codes and go to any PC. You can get unlimited Rare Candies by using these cheats in Pokemon Radical Red.

Note: You can use one code at a time.

Unlimited PP

  • 42023C08 6363
  • 00000002 0002

The codes will help to receive every Pokemon 99/32 PP. This is very helpful during the battle and training.

Pokemon Radical Red Unlimited EXP Cheats

  • 74000130027D
  • 7300218C0001
  • 82023D501388

The codes help to get unlimited EXP for battle time. So, I personally suggest that if you are a new player try those codes. It will help to win the game.

Wild Pokemon Gender Modifier


  • EB34F751 A96B854D
  • 78DA95DF 44018CB4


  • EB34F751 A96B854D
  • 141BB87C 83D7018F

The cheats codes help the Pokemon you want to face Male or Female in Pokemon Radical Red.

Max Stats

1st Pokemon

  • 420242DA03E7
  • 000000070002

2nd Pokemon

  • 4202433E03E7
  • 000000070002

3rd Pokemon

  • 420243A203E7
  • 000000070002

4th Pokemon

  • 4202440603E7
  • 000000070002

5th Pokemon

  • 4202446A03E7
  • 000000070002

6th Pokemon

  • 420244CE03E7
  • 000000070002

This code will help the Pokemon Max Stats anytime and anywhere. But, you can use the code one at a time.

Pokemon Radical Red Instant Kill Cheats

  • 95EDFBBA A5A72A78
  • C833D1A0 02FA7205

The code will help to kill your anime Pokemon in just one short.

How to Use Pokemon Radical Red Cheats with My Boy Emulator?

For Radical Red, you need to follow the guidelines given below to use cheats on My Boy Emulator.

  • Load Pokemon Radical Red from My Boy Emulator
  • Go to the My Boy Emulator main menu to access the “Cheats” section
  • Tap on the “New Cheat” option and enter the cheat name along with a description
  • Enter the cheat and hit “Ok”
  • Save the cheat from the menu

How to Use Pokemon Radical Red Cheats with Visual Boy Emulator?

With Visual Boy Emulator, you can enter Pokemon Radical Red cheats with the help of the guide.

  • Open the emulator and select Pokemon Radical Red from the file section
  • Go to the cheats list from the visual boy emulator main menu
  • Select “Gameshark” and enter the desired cheat
  • Press “Ok” to enable all cheats and resume the game.


Check out below questions and answers below about this game cheats codes and how it works.

How Do I Enter Radical Red Cheats?

It is really easy to add cheats in this game. You can do it by following the process we cover in this article.

Can You Hack Pokemon Radical Red?

Yes, there are many cheats available for this game that you can use to make this game more interesting.

Is Pokemon Radical Red Hard?

If you are an experienced player then it might not be hard for you. But if you are not used to playing these types of games then it may be tough for you.

Where Can I Find Pokemon Radical Red Cheat Codes?

Here in this article, I shared a whole list of cheats in this game. Check it out for more details.


These are some of the best and working Pokemon Radical Red cheats to make the game a lot easier for you. Some cheats are not available for now but you can try them. The game is quite difficult so using these cheats might be a good option if you are not planning to play the game for long but still want to enjoy everything available in the game. Being creative with these cheats is the key to becoming a successful Pokemon owner. You can combine the effects of various cheats by using them at the same time.

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