Alan Wake 2: How to Open Kalevala Knights Workshop Locked Door

Here's how to open the Kalevala Knights Workshop locked door and access the break room, where you can find a fuse for the Espresso Express.

By GamesRecon

If you are playing Alan Wake 2, you might be wondering how to open the locked door in the Kalevala Knights Workshop in Alan Wake 2, where a cult of Finnish folklore enthusiasts is hiding something sinister. This door leads to the break room, where you can find a fuse for the Espresso Express, a powerful weapon that can blast away the darkness. In this article, we will explain to you how to solve the door code puzzle in Alan Wake 2 and get inside the break room in no time.

Alan Wake 2 Kalevala Knights Workshop Door Walkthrough

The door code puzzle is one of the challenges that you will face in the Kalevala Knights Workshop, a location that you will visit in the third chapter ‘Return 3: Local Girl‘ of Alan Wake 2. The workshop is a large warehouse filled with floats and props related to Finnish mythology and folklore, such as the Kalevala, the national epic of Finland. The workshop is also the headquarters of the Kalevala Knights, a cult that worships the Old Gods of Asgard, the ancient enemies of Alan Wake.

Your objective in the workshop is to find and confront the leader of the cult, who is hiding in the basement. To access the basement, you need to use the Espresso Express, a modified espresso machine that can shoot a powerful beam of light that can break through the darkness. However, the Espresso Express is missing a fuse, which you need to find in the break room.

The break room is located behind a locked door that has a special lock mechanism. The lock consists of three rotatable discs that have different cult symbols on them. You need to align the discs in the correct order to open the door. But how do you find the correct order?

The clue for the door code is hidden inside a smiley coffee cup, as hinted by an email on the computer in the office. The email is from the leader of the cult, who tells his followers to look inside the coffee cup if they forget the door code. The office is near the entrance of the workshop, on the left side.

Looking for the different cult symbols

To find the smiley coffee cup, you need to go to the southeast corner of the workshop, behind a large float that has a dragon head on it. The float is near a sign that says “Kalevala Knights Workshop”. The large cup is on a table, next to a radio and some paper. If you look inside the cup, you will see three symbols that are visible from the position of the cup. These are the symbols that you need to input on the door lock.

The symbols are as follows:

  • A diamond shape is made of two triangles that have their flat bases touching.
  • Two offset triangles overlap at the corner.
  • Two triangles that point up and down.

Putting the symbols on the door lock in right position

To input the symbols on the door lock, you need to rotate the discs until they match the symbols that you saw in the cup. The top disc should have a diamond shape, the middle disc should contain offset triangles, and the bottom disc should have up and up-and-down triangles. The door will open when you have the correct combination.

The break room is a small room that has a manual save point, a fuse for the Espresso Express, and some other items that you can collect. You can also find a note from the leader of the cult, who tells his followers to meet him in the basement. You can use the fuse to power up the Espresso Express and blast your way to the basement, where you will face the cultists.