Alan Wake 2: How to Open the Locked Door in the Car Wash

All it took is a little detective work and some good old-fashioned bubble blasting.

By GamesRecon

Alan Wake 2 is packed with mysteries waiting to be unraveled in the intriguing world it’s set in with its gripping storyline. And speaking of mysteries, there’s one that might have caught your eye – a peculiar locked door in the car wash, it’s on your way to the Poet’s Cinema.

You might think this door is just for show, a nod to those enigmatic, never-to-be-opened doors we’ve seen in games. But, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Something truly worthwhile awaits you on the other side of this door, and the way to unlock it is expertly concealed. Ready to crack this sealed room mystery? So, find out how to open that door in the car wash.

Alan Wake 2 Car Wash Location

Alan Wake 2 Car Wash Map Location

You’ll stumble upon the car wash while you’re going to the Poet’s Cinema. Once you leave the studio and have had a bit of a talk with Mr. Door, this little chat kicks off ‘Initiation 7: Masks’, which is your cue.

Before you head straight to the car wash, it’s a good idea to make a visit to the Oceanview Hotel – that’s where you’ll meet Tom Zane. This encounter is a part of ‘Initiation 8: Zane’s Film’, and it sets things up perfectly for your visit to the car wash. After your meetup with Zane, it’s an excellent choice to visit the car wash as you can head straight into the theater, no detours needed.

How to Unlock the Door in the Car Wash in Alan Wake 2

First up, find the door we’re talking about. It’s not hard to miss – there’s police tape around it, which is usually a surefire sign in games that there’s something interesting behind it; you’ll see this right in the car wash area. Go to your right and hide behind a garage door, there will be the cinema straight ahead. Just a little distance ahead, on your left, you’ll find a chain-link barrier that has some security tape on it.

Unlock Car Wash Door - Alan Wake 2

Keep your eyes peeled on the left for an alley. It’s not hard to spot – look for a chain link fence with a touch of police tape just a little distance ahead on your left, that’s your cue. Sneak into this alley and check out the windows on your left. You’ll see something strange there – a dark bubble. It’s hovering near a countertop that has a microwave on its top, and it obstructs the front-facing windows of the building; you’ll need to blast it.

Once that’s done, leave the alley and immediately turn right. Keeping this way, you will locate more windows on your right. They’re also covered by a darkness bubble, so you know the drill – zap it away. Peek inside the windows, and you’ll see the back of that car wash door. But it’s got covered by not one, but three bubbles – blast them all to clear the path.

After dealing with those bubbles, head back through the garage door to the car wash area. That locked door that was bugging you? It should be wide open now. And that’s it – a bit of detective work, some sneaky alley walking, and a whole lot of bubble blasting.

What’s Inside the Room?

Alan Wake 2 - Meetup with Sheriff Tim Breaker

As you step through the now-open door, you’ll find yourself in a small locker room. It might seem pretty ordinary at first, but in Alan Wake’s world, you know there’s always more than meets the eye. Go ahead and explore those lockers. As you navigate around the lockers, you’ll come across another door. By going through this entry, you might hear something you recognize – a slight buzzing. It’s none other than Sheriff Tim Breaker behind the door, our beloved character from the game.

Get ready for another round of conversation and investigation into his conspiracy board, just as in your past interactions with him. It’s always a treat to check out what new theories he’s cooked up. But the real gem in this room? Sheriff Breaker’s map of the area – you could discover the exact spots of Words of Power and other hidden stashes throughout the Poet’s Theater.

So there you have it! By unlocking this door, you not only get to meet with an old NPC but also get a crucial item that can really level up your gameplay. It’s moments like these that remind you why exploring every nook and cranny in games like “Alan Wake 2” is so rewarding.