Alan Wake 2: How to Beat Scratch Boss

Scratch is tough boss to face in Alan Wake 2 and you need the right strategy to defeat him.

By GamesRecon

If you’ve been playing Alan Wake 2, you know exactly who Scratch is – the daunting, enigmatic villain who seems almost unbeatable. But we’re here to tell you that taking down Scratch in Alan Wake 2 is not that hard at all, and we’ll show you how to beat this boss. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this guide is your secret weapon against one of Alan Wake 2’s toughest boss fights.

Alan Wake 2 Scratch Boss Fight

Once you’re in the Sheriff’s Office during Return 6 and stepping into the shoes of Saga Anderson where the atmosphere is tense and the stakes are high. You will come across Scratch who is a dark, twisted version of Alan Wake himself. This encounter isn’t just a battle of brawn; it’s a mental game, too. Saga is on a mission to bring Alan back from the dark side, and Scratch is standing right in her way.

Phase One Fight at Sheriff’s Station

Alan Wake 2 Scratch Boss Fight in Phase 1 at Sheriff’s Station

So, you’re inside, and things start to heat up with Alan and Saga arguing over the Clicker. Suddenly, Scratch reveals his true, menacing form, and it’s going to be a wild one. Whip out your best gear, like a pump-action shotgun or hunting rifle, and start firing. Scratch loves to get up close and personal, so keep dodging his attacks, especially those melee swings. And when he pauses, that’s your time to attack.

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Alan Wake 2 Scratch is fast, like really fast, and your flashlight is pretty much a no-go against him. So, what’s the game plan? Focus on powering up those three generators you will spot around. Run over, press and hold the X on PlayStation or A on Xbox to fire the generators, and light up the place. After each generator, you gotta rinse and repeat – attack Scratch, make him pause, and then move to the next generator. The boss is tough as nails in this phase and won’t take any damage, so save your ammo for later.

Once you get the power on, Scratch does his vanishing act, poof, just like that. And then, it’s on you to find Alan and rewrite that pesky manuscript. This phase is all about being smart, not just tough. So, save your bullets, hit that generator, and keep your cool.

Phase Two Fight at Cauldron Lake

Alan Wake 2 Scratch Boss Fight in Phase 2 at Cauldron Lake

After you’ve powered up those generators, take a moment and you’ll spot a cell smack in the middle of the area, flanked by two huge lights. Here’s your new mission: play a high-stakes game of dodgeball with Scratch while you angle those big lights toward the cell. And guess what? Now’s your chance to really hit Scratch where it hurts – you can actually damage him this time.

Now, when Scratch shows up, you gotta hit the ground running. Sprint out from the backdoor into the parking lot. Scratch is fast and he can teleport – but here’s your ace: the parking lot has three generators, and you need to light them up. Remember, Scratch is a fan of the dramatic entrance, so be ready to stun him before you make a move for the generators.

Your best weapon is the pump-action shotgun and also keep those backup weapons like the Pistol or sawed-off shotgun. Ammo is precious, so make every shot count. Stay out in the open, because you’ve got Estevez on your side to stun Scratch by using light. Your task is to focus on those big lights, but don’t get discouraged if it takes a couple of tries to get them pointing right at the cell.

Keep moving, keep shooting, and when the lights are set on the cell, lure Scratch into the trap by going inside. And there you have it! With some quick feet, sharpshooting, and a bit of light engineering, you’ll have Scratch in Alan Wake 2 right where you want him.