Alan Wake 2 Streamside Cult Stash & Key Location Guide

Find the rewards waiting in the shadows of Cauldron Lake.

By GamesRecon

Locating Alan Wake 2 Streamside cult stash is an adventure all on its own. Unlike those stashes that just need a bit of brute force or a simple code, this one’s a bit more special. You need a key that’s cleverly hidden within the eerie confines of Cauldron Lake. This guide will tell you to uncover one of the game’s intriguing mysteries: how to find and open the Streamside cult stash in Alan Wake 2.

Where to Find Streamside Stash Key and Open Container in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 Streamside Stash Map Location

This cult stash is nestled away in the Return 2 – The Heart chapter. As you’re wandering around, you’ve come across this previously flooded area that’s now accessible. Make your way to the campsite near Crow’s Foot Hills. Once there, you will spot the table, and your desired Streamside stash there, waiting to be unlocked.

Lightbulb draw on the paper above the cult stash.

But this treasure container has some challenges for you to get it unlocked. It requires a key, but the game is playing coy, giving you practically no clues on where to find this key. However, there’s a small breadcrumb left for you—a note resting on top of the stash adorned with a drawing of a lightbulb.

Following the yellow arrows on the trees.

Take this hint to heart and look at the southern end area with your flashlight lighting the area. As you do, keep your eyes peeled for yellow arrows painted on the trees. These aren’t random decorations; they’re your pathway to the prize. Follow these arrows, and they’ll lead you to a rock along the path. And what’s that sitting on the rock is the Streamside stash key.

Alan Wake 2 Streamside cult stash rewards

With the key in hand, head back to the Streamside cult stash and use the key to unlock it, and the stash is yours to plunder. Inside, you’ll find some rewards including Hand Flare, Trauma Pad, and Shotgun Ammo that are sure to aid you in your eerie expedition through the game.

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