Is Monster Hunter World Cross-Platform or Crossplay?

Is the time came for the crossplay in Monster Hunter World?

By GamesRecon

Many worldwide fans of Monster Hunter World wonder if the game is compatible across platforms including PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC. The question they usually ask is, “Is Monster Hunter World cross-platform? Is MHW crossplay support available?” In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know to clear your doubts regarding this.

Monster Hunter World is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and takes the series’ action to a completely new level by including a wide-open world and environment. In this game, players participate as a hunter who tracks down and kills dangerous monsters in tense encounters that happen on a constantly shifting landscape. This game is an important step forward for the franchise thanks to its many unique features and elements. Whether it’s the finest Monster Hunter title or not, this one includes the most guts.

It’s natural to wonder which platforms the players can cross-play in a game with such a large player base and to what extent this multiplayer feature is possible. Cross-platform or crossplay means you can play the game with your friends between different platforms all around the world and that’s one of the most crucial aspects of modern video games that gamers want. So, this guide provides all the details about the Monster Hunter World crossplay support.

Is Monster Hunter World Cross-Platform or Cross-Progression?

Sad to say but right now, Monster Hunter World does not support cross-platform play. The absence of this multiplayer ability in the game prevents you from playing with your buddies or other players who are using different gaming systems from you whether it’s PC, PS5, PS4, or Xbox. It implies that only those using similar platforms can team up with each other and join the same match.

Is there Monster Hunter World Cross-Platform Play Available?

The game’s single-player mode is the only available option for the players. Unfortunately, chasing down dangerous monsters or having fun in this action-adventure with friends isn’t possible till now even after many years of its release. As the game operates on both PC and consoles, it has enjoyed great success thanks to its massive player base worldwide. However, the absence of MHW crossplay support causes its fans to feel very sad as they are restricted to their devices and unable to play with their friends across platforms.

To make things further hard, Monster Hunter World doesn’t even have cross-progression multiplayer – a feature in many modern video games. As a result, unless players own different game editions, they cannot move their characters and data from one system to the other. Therefore, switching platforms requires purchasing a new copy or starting the game from scratch, which would be extremely tiresome.

Will Monster Hunter World Be Cross-Platform?

A Brief Discussion on the Future of Monster Hunter World Cross-Platform/Crossplay

So far, Capcom hasn’t announced anything regarding the cross-play, so we are limited in our potential to predict. According to my expectations, we may not hear any positive news about the inclusion of this multiplayer feature anytime in the future as the title was released many years ago. And right now, we have also got Monster Hunter Rise and the developer company is putting its efforts into the exciting upcoming Monster Hunter Wilds.

Cross-play and cross-gen are now the standard to be included in any latest release. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter World missed out on this trend, but there’s good news on the horizon. Most probably, we won’t be deprived of this feature in the upcoming game and Monster Hunter Wilds might just be the one to introduce this multiplayer element.

It’s a great disappointment since many mainstream video games have crossplay functionality for now. The gamers enjoy playing with fellow players and like to tackle the most challenging missions as a team. Unfortunately, due to several factors and restrictions, there is no cross-platform in Monster Hunter World, and we can’t even have a chance of any good news from the developers.

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