Is Ark Cross-Platform? Crossplay Multiplayer Explained

Here's everything you need to know about the crossplay support in Ark.

By GamesRecon

If you’re as into the thrill of hanging out with dinosaurs and crafting awesome survival gear in Ark: Survival Evolved as we are, you’ll be stoked to hear that the game is present on all platforms. So the burning question for all you dino enthusiasts and survival experts out there: “Is Ark cross-platform or crossplay?” Whether you’re on PC, have your hands on a PS4 or PS5, pledge allegiance to Xbox One, switch it up with Nintendo Switch, or love tapping your screen on your iOS or Android device, Ark’s is released on each of them.

Now, let’s chat about something important for those of us who have friends with different gaming tastes (or devices). Can we all play together in Ark across different platforms? It’s the big question because nothing beats teaming up with your pals to take on a world full of dangerous creatures. So, what’s the deal with Ark crossplay? Can you, on your trusty PC, team up with a buddy on an Xbox or a friend on the go with their phone? This article gives you the details of how Ark lets you play with friends across different platforms. It’s time to find out how to keep your dino-taming squad together, no matter where you or your buddies are gaming from.

Is Ark Cross-Platform or Crossplay Compatible?

The quick answer is yes, there is cross-platform in Ark. But sadly, there are some limitations there as this multiplayer support is not available between every platform. If you’re a PC gamer or an Xbox player, you folks can freely team up and explore the dinosaur-filled lands of Ark together. And if you’re more into gaming on the go with your portable device, you’ve got good news too; Android and iOS users can also join the same game lobby to play together.

While you can team up within certain platforms, there’s a bit of a “but.” If you’re playing on an Android smartphone or iPhone, you can’t play together with the PC or Xbox crowd. And for PlayStation players and the Nintendo Switch crew, we’ve got a bummer to share. As of now, you guys can’t crossplay in Ark with your buddies on other platforms. Even though having your own exclusive island is cool, but it’s more fun when you can invite everyone regardless of any restrictions. Even with these cross-platform play limits, Ark is still a blast that we can’t stop playing no matter which gaming system we are using for the gameplay.

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Yes, Ark is cross-platform but this support is not available for every platform.
Yes, Ark is cross-platform but this support is not available for every platform.


Is Ark Cross-Progression?

Ark supports cross-progression between Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, so you don’t have to worry if you are playing on any of these two platforms. Just log in with the same account, and you’re into the action. Switch from your console to PC or back again? No worry. You’ll be right back into your Ark storyline where you left off as if you never left. Open the game on Xbox or PC, and keep the survival and dino-taming going strong, no matter the device.

For the gamers moving between PC and PlayStation: Your progress likes to stay put where it started — so no cross-progression there, just so you know. But here’s the good in terms of cross-gen, Ark is very nice when it comes to transferring within the same console family. If you previously started the game on Xbox One and then want to upgrade to Xbox Series X or S, there is no problem as your game’s data will not be lost. Similarly, for the Sony PlayStation users, it’s the same smooth sailing from PS4 to PS5.

Will Ark Crossplay Expand in the Future?

Ark Crossplay Future Expectations

While the developers at Studio Wildcard haven’t made any official announcements about new cross-platform features, there’s definitely a buzz in the air. Just picture it: players from PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and mobile devices all coming together in one massive playground – it’s an exciting thought. As more gamers call for the ability to team up with friends on different platforms, there’s hope that the devs might think to expand the crossplay support between all systems.

The gaming world is already moving towards more connected experiences, and it’s clear to see why. Crossplay doesn’t just boost player numbers; it creates a more inclusive and unified community. For Ark, including cross-platform play could be a game-changer—literally. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for any future updates implementing this multiplayer ability. With a little luck, we could all be sharing our amazing adventures together, no matter where we play.