Is Hogwarts Legacy Cross-Platform? Crossplay for PC, PlayStation & Xbox

A lot of aspiring wizards and witches will be flocking to Hogwarts and many think about whether Hogwarts Legacy has crossplay for some magical fun with your friends, this guide explains it.

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Surely you must be intrigued about Hogwarts Legacy. If you’re a true Harry Potter lover, you’re in for a real treat with this video game. In this game, you begin your own fantastic journey in the Wizarding World. This action RPG offers a wealth of content, including the chance to explore iconic locations like Hogwarts and the Scottish Highlands, learn effective magic spells, and make friends with supernatural creatures.

The game has a lot of amazing features to explore, but you may be thinking, “Is Hogwarts Legacy cross-platform or crossplay?” Of course, you’d like to play with friends who are using other gaming platforms or you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your progress if you transfer between the systems. Let’s get into the finer points of Hogwarts Legacy’s cross-platform functionality as we’ve got everything you should know in this guide.

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Is Hogwarts Legacy Crossplay or Cross-Platform?

You are hoping that Hogwarts Legacy supports cross-platform play, right? Well, here’s the lowdown. The game developer, Avalanche, confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy only includes single-player mode. It doesn’t have multiplayer elements, so there is currently no Hogwarts Legacy crossplay support available.

Obviously, I fully understand that could be hugely disappointing for true fans. Who wouldn’t want to experience Hogwarts Legacy adventure or duke it out with their buddies in the Dark Arts Battle Arena? But the situation here is that the game creators decided to focus on a solo adventure this time around. Although even if the game doesn’t have multiplayer functionality, there are many gameplay elements to ensure you don’t get bored when playing alone in your wizarding journey.

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Will Hogwarts Legacy Be Cross-Platform in the Future?

There have been speculations that Hogwarts Legacy on the PS4 and PS5 is going to have cross-progression and potentially extra cross-play features in future releases. But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet; these are only rumors. Unless the game’s creators give their final statement, you shouldn’t put too much stock in this information.

There is still a lot of excitement behind Hogwarts Legacy, irrespective of the ability to play across platforms. The game’s focus on providing a great experience for a single-player means that it stands up well even without multiplayer. So, even though you can’t play together with your close pals, you still have a fantastical adventure in the Harry Potter canon.

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It’s worth remembering that forthcoming DLC could add many new features to the game. We don’t yet know if these updates will make it possible for multiplayer cross-play support or cross-progression between the devices. As of this writing, that is all we know about the cross-platform support of Hogwarts Legacy. Keep your wands ready for any updates and you can read our full Hogwarts Legacy review.

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