Elden Ring Dung Eater Questline Guide

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The Loathsome Dung Eater, one of the Lands Between’s most odious creatures, is part of the Elden Ring Dung Eater questline and you will have to fight with him during this quest. With an Elden Lord ending twist, you will be ushering in an era of disease, death, and misery when you finish the game. If you’re hoping for such a conclusion, you will have to be patient. Late-game zones are where you’ll find the majority of the stuff you need.

On arriving at the Royal Capital of Lyndell, tarnished will be able to meet Dung Eater in Elden Ring. His location may be discovered in the back area, near the Twin Maiden Husks. A warning to the protagonist that does not bother him is his first order of business. The Elden Ring Dung Eater quest will start after seeing an enchanted seedbed by the player.

How to Begin Elden Ring Dung Eater Questline?

There is a lengthy introduction to the Dung Eater quest that begins in the Roundtable Hold and ends up at the capital city of Leyndell. On getting the initial Great Rune, the Dung Eater can be seen around the Husk Maidens somewhere in the room. In the absence of frequent exploration of the Hold, the Dung Eater’s arrival can be missed unless you pay close attention to what Roderika, the Spirit Tuner, has to tell. In his room, talk with him and he will effectively order you to go away since you are not sufficiently contaminated.

An Elden Ring Seedbed Curse is required to get his permission. The one can be obtained on the East Rampart Site of Grace in Lyendell. Go outside and walk along the walls for a while, unless you come to a dimly lit room with a few candles. Go down the escalator and then take the lift at the end. Continue going till you get to the chamber where the shrouded opponent lurks. By fastly climbing the ladder and stairs after that, you’ll arrive upon a corpse bearing the Seedbed Curse.

You can present it to the Dung Eater in the Roundtable Hold. After that, he will give you the Sewer Gaol Key and instruct you to use it to free his body from the drains beneath the capital.

Sewer Goal: Location of Dung Eater in Elden Ring

Although the tunnels of Leyndell are a terrifying maze, finding the Dung Eater’s cell is quite easy. The Balcony Site of Grace is located in the heart of the city. Once you’ve turned around, proceed down the staircase, turn left, jump over the balcony and make your way down the manhole.

Continue straight ahead. When you approach a stairwell, you’ll see the marker for “Subterranean Shunning Grounds.” The wide hall can be reached by passing through the door rather than going down the stairs on the left. The entrance is through the first large door on the left side after you’ve dropped down and taken a left turn. You can use this location as a safety net in case something bad happens on the way. If you want to play as Lord of Frenzied Flame, you can return here again.

The grate is at the end of the tunnel. Continue on by descending yourself and making a left turn. To be safe, don’t worry about being chased by the mice that live in this initial underpass. Pass the plants and then move up the ladder to the next level. You’ll be greeted by a vast, soaked room when you exit. As you near the cell door, make a right turn. Let the Dung Eater out of the cell.

Elden Ring Outer Moat is Safe from Dung Eater Invasion

The next step is going back and checking on the note from him in his chamber at Roundtable Hold, which demands that you visit him at the Outer Moat. Do not proceed until you have spoken to Blackguard Boggart, the man responsible for the theft of Rya’s necklace from the Boilprawn Shack in Liurnia. Later, you’ll locate him south of the road going to the Draconic Tree Sentinel, where you bought prawns from. Reload the region and talk to him once more. After entering the water, the Dung Eater is likely to attack.

Many gamers claim that the Dung Eater’s assault didn’t start until the thief is spoken to. A Seedbed Curse will appear on the corpse of the defeated Dung Eater, regardless of how you defeated the invaders.

Elden Ring Seedbed Curse Locations

To get even more Seedbed Curses, you must return to Roundtable Hold and talk to the Dung Eater then. The Mending Rune can only be obtained with five.

  • Lyndell: This item can be found on the chair in the Dung Eater’s room, where there is supposed to be a Roundtable Hold alternative.
  • Upon exiting the doorway to Rykard’s combat, turn around and head up the staircase. Open the mist door with the Stonesword Key, then use the metal cages to drop into the basement. At the very bottom, you’ll find the Curse.
  • Prayer Room: Exit the room to your right and walk along ramparts until you get to a crossbowman. Jump from the balcony’s brickwork to the square’s gazebo and multiple candles by hopping on the stonework at the end of the balcony. Once you’ve made your way to a balcony, walk it around till you come across a body tied to a chair.

The Curse you received from the thief following the Dung Eater’s incursion can be skipped. Return to the Dung Eater’s body and give him your Curses. This Rune of Fell Curse is given to you after the fifth one. Taking his armor isn’t necessary; killing the Dung Eater will do the trick.

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