How to Defeat Rennala, Queen Of The Full Moon in Elden Ring

By GamesRecon

However, Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, still can pose a significant challenge based on one’s physique, making her a worthy adversary to Margit or Godrick. Although her health is not much high and tactics are also of basic level, what makes her dangerous is her great IQ and a destructive arsenal of charms and Spirit Ashes. When you kill the Elden Ring’s fourth required boss, you’ll be able to redistribute your character’s skill points. Here’s how to defeat Rennala in Elden Ring and get the job done swiftly.


Rennala, the Moon Queen, will be right around the corner after you’ve defeated Redagon’s, Red Wolf. You can feel relieved now that Rennala isn’t quite as complex, elusive, or quick as the other foes you’ve faced. In terms of actual preparation, the only thing I’d point out is to make sure you’ve used up all of your spells and loaded up on pills before setting off. Also, keep a melee weapon ready during the initial stage of the encounter if you’re a magic user yourself, and master Rock Sling though you can strike Rennala soon.

Initial Stage

When it comes to summoning Spirit Ashes, you should need to wait a little longer. A room filled with Rennala’s dedicated followers awaits your arrival in the initial stage of your battle with the sorceress. You don’t have to worry about any of these followers. Try to discover and eliminate the pupils supplying the golden forcefield for the enchantress. Look for those three students with a golden aura surrounding them if you want to locate them.

Getting this done quickly is important since Rennala will employ a few students as deadly projectiles if it takes much longer. However, you can avoid this additional hassle by working quickly and avoiding the obstacles as soon as possible. Finding it hard to locate them? Then, follow the path of the books flung towards you—they’re easy to ignore.

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Rennala’s forcefield will shatter when you disturb the students’ attention with a direct violent assault (this works nicely). However, you’ll get plenty of chances to land a few blows on her if you play your cards right. Also, never get much hungry; as soon as the light rises from her, retreat immediately to avoid getting attacked by her ranged strike. After that, it’s a simple matter of getting her back into the air and doing it all over again till she’s completely drained of health.

Second Phase

Stay focused on the battle ahead and never get sidetracked by the stunning cinematic. Consider utilizing Lone Wolf Ash if you do have it to evade Rennala’s energy beam, but don’t wait until the last moment to gather Spirit Ashes. Next, Rennala will perform the magic that will conjure a tiny moon, which she hides inside, and send it in your direction. As the moon comes closer, you’ll be able to view its effective range in the sea.

There are further spells Rennala will unleash following these particular assaults, including one that summons four small drips of energy and a mini form of energy beam. If you’re a melee fighter, stay clear of these when you get closer to attack her. Instead, employ Rock Sling to bring her down unless you’re a magic user fastly. However, despite the simplicity of the method, something must be kept in mind: Rennala’s Spirit Ashes.

You are not alone who can summon support for this conflict. When Rennala calls her various monsters, she can switch between a band of wild wolves, a dragon, a giant, and a bloodhound warrior. That’s where carrying your own Spirit Ashes on the field makes all the difference. Rennala’s attention never leaves your side, yet your Spirit Ashes are a tremendous distraction for her. While Rennala’s health is deficient, she still delivers a respectable amount of damage. Avoid getting struck as much as possible and try to take out the enemy whenever you can.

What After the Battle?

In addition to 40,000 runes, you’ll receive the Great Rune of the Unborn and the Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen for defeating the Queen of the Full Moon. More crucially, you’ll be able to communicate with Rennala after the combat. You can use many handy features by becoming friends with her, including the ability to have her help you redistribute your skill points and alter the construction of your character.

Hope this guide about how to defeat Rennala in Elden Ring helps you a lot.