Elden Ring Lenne’s Rise Guide: How to Get into this Tower

By GR Staff

The wide-open environment of Elden Ring is home to several intriguing locations that the players can only access after putting in some effort and time. You will see many Rises throughout the Lands Between; the towers with a few stairs leading up to the entrance. Elden Ring Lenne’s Rise is also one of those towers, and the players need a unique way to reach it.

Getting access to this tower is one of the Elden Ring’s tricky elements, but if someone successfully reaches this location, he may succeed in unlocking rare chests with valuable loot. The imp sculpture guarding the door puzzle is damaged. Therefore you will need to use an alternate entryway. The entrance to Lenne’s Rise is similarly spell-protected to that of Renna’s Rise. Completing Ranni’s quest is the only requirement to access Renna’s Rise. But that is not the case with this sealed tower, which remains inaccessible. Want to know how to get into Elden Ring Lenne’s Rise? This guide will cover everything about it and tell you how you can do that.

Elden Ring Lenne’s Rise Location

Elden Ring Map Showing Lenne's Rise Location

You can find Lenne’s Rise in Elden Ring in the poisonous area of Dragonbarrow, east of Caelid. If you are new to the game and just started your journey, you can even head over to this tower, but you need to pass a complex route. You must finish the Hunter of the Dead questline if you decide to move on.

Grab the Deathroot from Tibia Mariner boss after defeating him and reach the Roundtable Hold to present it to D, Hunter of the Dead. After that, he will make a red mark which you can see on the map. Travel to the Third Church of Marika, which is not far away from the Hold, and continue in the direction indicated by the mark. By keep forwarding, you will reach a portal. This portal is the doorway to get into the Greyroll’s Dragonbarrow.

For now, you should have to decide from the two bridges to carry on your journey. If moving through the first bridge, you will have to face the dragon. It’s better to ignore this path and continue towards the second one because it avoids potential dangers and leads straight to the Elden Ring Lenne’s Rise location. But it’s not as safe as you thought because the route fills with so many poisoned traps. Keep proceeding until you reach a fork in the road. Use the exit to the left and dive off the ledge. That lower area is where you will find Lenne’s Rise.

How to Access Lenne’s Rise in Elden Ring

Most of Elden Ring’s rise towers are conveniently located close to an accessible entry. But accessing Lenne’s Rise in Elden Ring is tricky because you can’t reach it in the same simple way as in the case of others. The imp statue often used to remove the barrier has been destroyed at this location. As a result, many players become very confused about how to enter the tower without using the statue.

The actual method for entering Lenne’s Rise is straightforward. You can utilize Torrent to rocket into the sky to reach the Spirit Spring on the right side of Lenne’s Rise doorway. When viewing the balcony from the Spirit Spring, you should jump to land on the terrace or its top. If players find themselves atop the tower, they must make their way down the Rise’s balcony and move into it.

Obtain Memory Stone from Treasure inside Lenne's Rise Tower

The only foe you face inside the building is the Arcane Sphere of Faces, but due to its lack of movement and a lethal attack, it is not a real threat you should worry about. You can walk up the stairs directly by ignoring it to loot the available treasure box. The chest will provide you with a Memory Stone which gives additional memory slots. It will be helpful if you use magic or rely extensively on incantations. The best thing about this item is that you don’t even have to equip it manually because it triggers the effects automatically once you have picked it.

Once you have what you came for, you should immediately exit the Elden Ring Lenne’s Rise by a quick route or jumping off the same balcony. If all you want is the chest, it probably is not worth the risk of confronting the formidable opponent who stands between you and the unsealed entry from within.

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