Elden Ring Larval Tears: A Guide to Respec Your Character

These items are crucial to customize your character in Elden Ring.

By GamesRecon

Are you immersed in the dark and captivating world of Elden Ring? Have you stumbled upon the enigmatic Elden Ring Larval Tears, wondering about their purpose and significance? These tear-shaped relics hold immense power, offering you the chance to respec your character and plot a new course through the game. Whether you’re looking for ways to customize your build or experiment with different play styles, respeccing is where it’s at. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all about Larval Tears in Elden Ring, including how to use them and where you can find them.

How to Get Elden Ring Larval Tears

It’s not easy to find out where you may dig for Elden Ring Larval Tears. Because these relics don’t appear according to any predictable pattern, each finding is a cause for celebration. However, with meticulous planning and perseverance, you can succeed in acquiring a good amount of supply of these tears to fulfill your respeccing desires. Let’s explore some of the known locations where Larval Tears can be found.

1. Village of the Albinaurics

The Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia’s southwestern corner is home to one of the game’s more easily-obtained Larval Tears. The supernatural beings who once lived in this abandoned village have long since left and it’s now totally ruined. If you’re coming from the east, you should climb the slope until you see something bright purple dropping to your right; this will mark the entrance to the village and your perfect chance to acquire the first Larval Tear.

2. Agheel Lake South

Getting a Larval Tear from Agheel Lake South is no easy feat, but the reward is often well worth the effort. From the Site of Grace at Agheel Lake South, head east and up the hill. You’ll come upon an eminent skeleton resting on an edge as you make your way up. Fight and defeat this enemy, but be wary; a vicious bear could come next. If you manage to defeat the bear, you will receive a precious Larval Tear.

3. Siofra River Well

This difficult voyage to the Siofra River Well in search of a Larval Tear is for those who seek a true test of mettle. In Limgrave’s far east, on the edge of the Mistwood, stands a magnificent building known as the Siofra River Well. Get inside it and take the elevator down to the basement, and you’ll find yourself in a vast underground space.

Follow the signs for the elevators and head northeast up many flights of stairs. Drop the lift by pulling the lever and stepping on it to continue. Towards the east side of the elevator’s chamber is a large area supported by lofty pillars. The destined scaffolding is to northward, so make your way via the pillars there.

Be careful as you keep going up the scaffolding, and look out for any oncoming danger. When you reach the apex, turn towards the north and cross the bridge to a lower platform. If you follow the cliff inside a collapsing ruin, you’ll see a merchant who will sell a Larval Tear to you for three thousand Runes.

How to Use Larval Tears in Elden Ring

You’ll need to make considerable in-game advancement before you can start using Elden Ring Larval Tears for their transforming effects. Before you can use these items to respec your character, you need to reach the formidable Raya Lucaria dungeon and conquer its final boss, Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon. Only after eliminating the boss, you will gain access to the revered Raya Lucaria Grand Library, where an encounter with Renalla herself awaits and you will have some talk with this NPC.

Within the library’s hallowed halls, Renalla grants you the opportunity for rebirth—a gateway to reshape your character’s potential. By utilizing one of your precious Larval Tears, you can reset your attribute points, granting you a clean slate to allocate as you see fit. You won’t start over at the very beginning, instead, your numbers will be reset to their original values and you’ll be able to choose a new path forward thanks to this method.

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