Elden Ring Liurnia Golden Seed Locations Walkthrough

Don't forget to pick these five valuable Golden Seeds when traveling through Liurnia region.

By GamesRecon

While exploring the gorgeous territory of Liurnia in Elden Ring, you will come across five precious Golden Seeds hidden at various spots. In the heat of combat, your health and FP will be greatly improved by the addition of these rare treasures to your Sacred Flask. So, let’s find out where you can obtain all of these five Elden Ring Liurnia Golden Seeds.

Locations #1 – Raya Lucaria: Academy Gate Town

Raya Lucaria Academy Gate Town


The first Golden Seed can be found among the mysterious ruins in the wetlands, leading the way to the fabled Raya Lucaria Academy. In order to find the academy, you need to start the quest at the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace and go in the direction of the northwest. As you come through the “Academy Gate Town” sign, keep an eye out for a golden tree in a clearing among the shambles where the first seed lies.

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Locations #2 Raya Lucaria: Main Academy Gate Site of Grace

Raya Lucaria: Main Academy Gate Site of Grace

Once you have the first Golden Seed in your possession, you must make your way to the northern edge of Raya Lucaria, where a majestic golden tree looms atop a towering overpass, sheltering the second seed. The only way to get into the academy and to the location of this hidden treasure is to have the Glintstone Key. You can find this key on a corpse located behind a slumbering Glintstone Dragon, west of the academy. After entering the academy, head to the northern Main Academy Gate. If you come across a Portal to Raya Lucaria’s East Gate while visiting a Site of Grace, fight the urge to go through it. To get to the Golden Seed, skip right over it and run all the way to the end of the shattered bridge.

Locations #3 – Raya Lucaria Academy

Raya Lucaria Academy Courtyard

The third Golden Seed is hidden within Raya Lucaria itself, so be wary of missing it. Get out of the Debate Parlor, the Site of Grace, where you had a fierce struggle with the Ragadon Red Wolf. Follow the signs for the northern gates, which will let you out into a lovely courtyard. From now, proceed to the left and go beneath the bridge. The third Golden Seed in Liurnia awaits discovery on a cliff surrounded by many guards.

Locations #4 – Caria Manor: Liurnia’s Northwest

Caria Manor: Liurnia's Northwest

The fourth Golden Seed in Liurnia, it’s lying within the mysterious Caria Manor, found in Liurnia’s far northwest. If you want to make it to the Site of Grace at the Manor’s top, you’ll have to brave the dangerous Spider Hands and the ghosts of slain warriors. Outside the tomb, under the golden tree, there is the fourth seed as a reward for your struggles and efforts. But be careful; two alert wolves are keeping an eye on the location.

Locations #5 – Ravine-Veiled Village

Ravine-Veiled Village Golden Seed Location

In the Ravine to the east of the Bellum Highway lies Liurnia’s fifth and final Golden Seed, but getting there will be no easy feat. In order to reach the Ravine-Veiled Village, you must head north along the route that follows the river’s winding course. On the tranquil riverbank, there lies the golden tree with the valuable golden seed. However, you should be very careful in Ravine village at all costs due to the presence of immovable, dangerous beasts. You can possibly get to the Atlus Plateau without using the Grand Lift of Dectus if you push forward and make your way through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice.

You now have all the information necessary to set off on a heroic journey across Liurnia in search of the fabled Golden Seeds of Elden Ring. I wish you luck as you venture out into Liurnia and use the might of these seeds to overcome the challenges in your path.

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