Alan Wake 2 Bright Falls Lunchbox Locations Guide

Collect all the lunchboxes in Bright Falls and get Manuscript Fragments for weapon upgrades.

By GamesRecon

If you progressing through the Alan Wake 2 storyline, you probably know that there are many collectibles to find in the game, such as the Alex Casey Lunchboxes. These aren’t just cool collectibles paying homage to Alan Wake’s detective novels; they’re also your ticket to snagging Manuscript Fragments for weapon upgrades in the Mind Place. There are 21 lunchboxes in total scattered across the different areas you’ll explore with Saga Anderson, and I’m here to guide you through finding the ones in Bright Falls.

Bright Falls is the main location in the game and is split into different areas like the town square, the park, the nursing home, and Bunker Woods. After your first meeting with Alan Wake, which happens on the second day of the game, most of these places become accessible. But keep in mind, that a few of these spots need special tools or progress in the game to reach them.

Where to Find All Alex Casey Bright Falls Lunchboxes

Let’s find out all Alan Wake 2 Bright Falls lunchbox locations where these are hiding. I’ll give you a quick rundown on each one, including the chapter or tool needed to grab them. And remember, there’s no set order to find these as some of them are optional or hidden.

#1 – Bright Falls Park

The first lunchbox you can find in Bright Falls is located in the park on the eastern side of town. You can go there on the second day after you meet Alan Wake. You will spot this lunchbox under a tree near the back, just south of the gazebo.

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#2 – Southern Woods

The second lunchbox is in the Bunker Woods, the forested area that surrounds Bright Falls. You can enter the Bunker Woods from the third day after you get the Invitation from the Witch’s Hut. You can find the lunchbox by following the southern route that runs alongside the lake. Search the area along the route for colored stones as it descends sharply. Get to the lunchbox by climbing the hill over there on the right.

#3 – Central Woods

The third lunchbox is also in the Bunker Woods, on the path that connects the northern and southern trails. There should be a sign pointing you in the direction of the Ranger Cabin and Valhalla Nursing Home. Over the bend on the cliff behind the sign is where you can find a lunchbox.

#4 – Valhalla Nursing Home

The fourth lunchbox is in Valhalla Nursing Home, the abandoned facility where you’ll meet Dr. Hartman, one of the main antagonists of the game. You can go there from the fourth day after you get the Heart from the FBC Station. At Valhalla Nursing Home, you can find the lunchbox on the opposite wall of the first-floor office.

#5 – Western Woods

The fifth lunchbox is in the western part of the Bunker Woods, near the Wellness Center. This area is full of powerful, hammer-wielding Taken, so be sure you have plenty of ammo and healing items before attempting to retrieve this box; find the box in the trail loop’s center.

#6 – Billie’s Boat Yard

The sixth lunchbox is in Billie’s Boat Yard, the dock area on the west side of town. You can enter this place from the fifth day after you get the Bolt Cutters from the Old Gods of Asgard concert. In the southwestern part of the boatyard sits a hill where the lunchbox is located.

#7 – Lakeshore

The seventh and final lunchbox in Bright Falls is on the lakeshore, west of Billie’s Boat Yard. Proceed westward from the boatyard across the bridge while keeping a close distance to the coast. The lunchbox will be visible once you take a left at the first junction.

And that’s it! You’ve found all the Alan Wake 2’s Alex Casey lunchboxes in the Bright Falls area, and you have plenty of Manuscript Fragments to upgrade your weapons.