All Alan Wake 2 Charms Locations and Effects

These charms offer many bonuses to help you make it through Bright Falls.

By GamesRecon

Alan Wake 2 charms give you cool bonuses to help you make it through Bright Falls and beyond. But you won’t just stumble upon them. You’ve gotta crack some Nursery Rhyme challenges or puzzles, and when you do, a charm’s your reward. Further, these things will not turn you into a superhero, but they sure come in handy. The best part is that you can swap them on the fly.

Alan Wake 2 All Charms List

In Alan Wake 2, charms are special collectibles that provide various perks and abilities to Saga, the character you play during the Return chapters. Alan Wake has his own set of perks known as Words of Power. There are a total of 18 charms to collect, 13 unique, and 5 duplicates of the Coffee Mug Charm. Collecting all of them earns the Rustic Charm trophy. Here’s a brief rundown of each charm:

  1. Logan’s Charm: Increases maximum health. You start with this charm​​​.
  2. Hammer Charm: Staggers enemies more often. Found at Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme, west of the Witch’s Hut​​​.
  3. Coffee Mug Charm #1: Saves you from death but shatters in the process. Located at Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme near Witchfinder’s Station​​​.
  4. Kalevala Knights Charm: Increases Hand Flare’s duration and effect. Found just outside the Private Cabin at Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme​​​.
  5. Coffee Mug Charm #2: Similar to the first, found at Watery Nursery Rhyme after fighting the Taken Thrower​​.
  6. Deer Charm: Increases resilience against staggering. Found south of the Radio Tower at Watery Nursery Rhyme​​.
  7. Coffee World Token Charm: Improves quality and quantity of resources found. Located at Watery Nursery Rhyme near the Lighthouse Trailer Park​​.
  8. Lighthouse Charm: Increases health restoration in Safe Havens. Found on a cliff near Watery Lighthouse​​.
  9. Mr. Drippy Charm: Boosts damage when health is low. Located at Latte Lagoon in Coffee World​​.
  10. FBC Charm: Increases damage to undetected enemies. Found at Watery Nursery Rhyme behind the Ranger Station​​.
  11. Coffee Mug Charm #3: Saves from death, shatters after use. Found in Downtown Watery behind Suomi Hall​​.
  12. Lantern Charm: Adds a charge to Saga’s flashlight. Located north of the Break Room in Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme​​.
  13. Coffee Mug Charm #4: Functions like the other Coffee Mug charms. Found in the Ranger Station at Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme​​.
  14. Valhalla Nursing Home Charm: Enhances the effectiveness of Painkillers and Trauma Pads. Found on the beach east-northeast of the Ranger Station at Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme​​.
  15. Anchor Charm: Provides a chance to stun enemies with Flashlight Boost. Located at Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme, east jetty at Billie’s Boat Yard​​.
  16. Deerfest Charm: Delays regeneration of Darkness Shields. Found at Watery Nursery Rhyme after unlocking Boltcutters, in a locked trailer in the Trailer Park​​.
  17. Coffee Mug Charm #5: Another life-saving charm, found in Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme in the Rental Cabins area​​.
  18. Mayor Setter Charm: Marks resources and points of interest on the map. Received by petting Mayor Setter at Suomi Hall in Watery.

In Alan Wake 2, picking the best charms depends on how you like to play. And if you’re running out of room for all those charms you’re not using, just stash them in the shoebox. Early in the game, you might not think too much about your inventory, but it becomes a big deal once you start hoarding more gear.