Top 6 Quests in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim You Can’t Miss

From saving the world from the Dragons of Alduin to discovering the mysteries of the College of Winterhold, these quests are sure to provide hours of excitement.

By GamesRecon

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most iconic games in modern times. It is known for its in-depth storytelling, great graphics, and complex gameplay. Skyrim entices millions of gamers because of its RPG and adventure elements. Skyrim is deemed to be a success, and it is among the few games that are still popular long after their release.

This game franchise is undoubtedly immersive, so players have no other choice but to delve into its rich world-building. However, there are particular quests in Skyrim that any player should try to engage in and complete. Otherwise, they would be missing outstanding storylines and scenery.

1. Dragonborn DLC Main Quest

The Dragonborn DLC is special because it was the first DLC extension launched for Skyrim. So there’s already a huge significance to this quest–even if you haven’t played it yet.

The quest will encapsulate players to Solstheim, which is a treacherous territory under Nords until the eventual demise of Vvardenfell. With this DLC, you will witness the First Dragonborn, who mentions that the Last Dragonborn isn’t a real Dovakhiin.

Aside from Solstheim, players of this quest will also reach the Apocrypha, a territory of Hermaues Mora–the Daedric Prince.

It is an interesting quest, as it will introduce unfurled lore and remixes of popular songs from the third game of the franchise. Notably, the Dragonborn DLC has references to the Bloodmoon DLC of Morrowind. It is something you should check out.

2. Beyond Death

There are many quests in Skyrim. But only a few can match Beyond Death.

Technically, Beyond Death is among the last quests within the Dawnguard expansion. It will require you to join a particular alignment. But regardless of which side you’ll join, this quest will yield lots of challenges and thrills.

Players of this quest will encounter the Soul Cairn–a plane where lost souls are attached to black soul gems. Such a mechanism traps them throughout infinity. Visiting Soul Cairn is already a highlight of the quest, given that it is eerily surreal and imposing.

Throughout the quest’s progression, players have the option to become vampires or have their souls imprisoned partially to enter the Soul Cairn. After a choice is made, they will fight a dragon. If combating dragons is difficult in your normal form, then Beyond Death will make it more rigorous. Here, the power, health, and mana of players will be reduced significantly.

3. Forgotten Names

Forgotten Names is among those arduous and difficult-to-trigger quests in Skyrim. In fact, it is a quest that represents the quintessential Skyrim: it doesn’t have enough clues to give you a linear method of completing it. Hints are sparse, and even veteran players might haven’t acquired them yet.

Essentially, Forgotten Names takes place in the realm beneath the College of Winterhold. There, you will find a gauntlet whose purpose and origins are both an enigma.

Interacting with this mysterious relic will trigger the Dragonborn to seek its real nature and purpose. And fitting to the old-fashioned Skyrim, the answer to these pressing questions is quite dumbfounding.

Forgotten Names is not a quest for those who are impatient and non-inquisitive. But everyone is encouraged to take this quest because it rewards a sense of unparalleled fulfillment.

4. Lost To The Ages

Lost To The Ages is a favorite quest of many veteran Skyrim players. It has a distinct reward, which is the Aetherial Crown. It is jewelry that is beneficial for boosting the strength of the Standing Stone. Specifically, it allows the usage of two Standing Stones simultaneously.

In this quest, players will be taken to a ruin that is infested by the Dwemer–or the Dwarves or Deep Elves. This is arguably the best race in Skyrim to play as a vampire because of their stealth and fire resistance. They have to locate the Aetherium Forge and complete the goal of Katria. The latter is a ghost that helps players navigate Arkngthamz.

5. Stones of Barenziah

For those who have been playing Skyrim for quite some time, the Stones of Barenziah is a quest that rings a lot of bells.

Of course, that should be the case. As we have mentioned, Skyrim itself is hard. But this particular quest takes the definition of hard to a whole new level.

The Stones of Barenziah is an extensive, mind-boggling quest. Essentially, it will require players to hunt and seek 24 unique gems throughout the world of Skyrim. The process of finding these stones isn’t straightforward, though. It is a mumbo-jumbo of requirements that you need to satisfy.

Completing the Stones of Barenziah quest will give you bragging rights. After all, only a number of Skyrim players have accomplished it. Playing this quest also serves as an opportunity to explore the vast universe of Skyrim.

6. The Wolf Queen Awakened

This quest has a legendary status in the world of Skyrim. Fundamentally, it is the culmination of one of the storylines in the entire Elder Scrolls franchise. It is even rooted in Morrowind.

Here, The Wolf Queen strengthens her war potential underneath the Solitude, and it is the player’s job to tackle her. On the surface, the quest appears mundane. But don’t think it is a linear story of going to a place and killing a mob boss. That’s not the case.

Of course, the dungeon is harrowing, while the story is downright captivating. And the mere fact that it is the end of the Wolf Queen’s story satisfies the anticipation of long-time Skyrim players.

The players can trigger this quest in the Solitude while still at level 10. But they can start it without finishing The Boy Who Cried Wolf quest first. The Wolf Queen Awakened is an ultimate quest that Skyrim players should experience.