Tekken 8 vs Street Fighter 6: Which Game is Better?

Both are big giants in the fighting genre but which one is more better to play?

By GamesRecon

If you are a fan of the fighting genre, then you might know about the two heavyweights right now running for the title of best fighting game: Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8. Both games have already shown that they belong in the class of top contenders, each with mammoth numbers of active online players. The applause from the gaming community had been so great that with these two giant titles pitted against each other, the real question arises—which game is better than the other and worth your time and money?

Tekken 8 or Street Fighter 6 – Which One?

It’s not an easy question to answer, but just for the sake of argument, let’s dissect what these games really bring to the ring.

Why is Street Fighter 6 Worth It?

Street Fighter 6 Characters

Street Fighter 6 has longevity on its side; it’s built to last. Ever since the title was dropped into the scene, it has had a strong player base, with other updates being pumped out to improve online capabilities and gameplay. The player base enjoys a title that keeps getting fine-tuned and polished over time, giving you a better experience.

The biggest feature is the World Tour mode. It is a complete adventure where you are able to create your fighter and roam the world of Street Fighter. Knowing moves from icons such as Chun-Li and Ryu, getting into the fight, and customizing your own story adds a completely new level of fun to the mix. It’s great, enthralling, and very replayable.

Another huge plus is the game’s modern controls and their accessibility; it seems that some of the more complicated inputs have been simplified, which is great for new players so they don’t feel overwhelmed coming into the game. It isn’t overly simplified, though. The amount of depth here for those who would rather have the traditional controls and strategies to master is still very much alive. Street Fighter 6 is a fine balancing act, welcoming beginners while challenging the veterans. Further, it’s a treat to the eyes; the graphics are sharp, the animations are fluid, and the general aesthetic is cool and exhilarating. There is constant movement which means the battles are smooth and responsive.

Not to say everything is perfect in the package. SF6 still has some kinks to work out, not least in its online features for PC gamers. But a crucial point here is that the developers are treating these issues as a priority, and the game is in a much better place compared to when it was launched. The continued work from the developers goes to show that they are keen on ensuring to deliver fans the best possible experience.

At this point in time, Street Fighter 6 is way more stable and complete compared to Tekken 8. Although the latter has a lot of potential and is, by all means, a thrilling game, it is still burrowing through some of the problems it has in its early stages. So, if you are looking for a fighting game to offer you a rounded, polished experience, Street Fighter 6 is the go-to game. To put it in a nutshell, if you’re looking for a game that has a very rich, interesting story mode, accessible and deep gameplay, beautiful visuals, and a team that stands on its feet to improve everything, then Street Fighter 6 is worth it.

Why Might Tekken 8 Be Worth Waiting For?

Characters fight in Tekken 8

Even though Tekken 8 is the fresher face on the scene, there is much to be excited for the potential of this game, even if there are a few growing pains at the outset. Tekken 8 has already begun to claim its place; the game has jacked-up combat mechanics for more intense fighting scenarios, way more different than any other entry. It’s a great complement to the new Heat System, which lets players unleash more powerful moves. So that means battles are now dynamized and intense, which is a huge point for fans of quick and explosive games.

With Tekken 8, though, there is a new way to play, with the all-new World Tour mode. Designed to keep a community of players, you are allowed to make friends and rivals as you battle your way up the ranks. It is the type of feature that will help build a connection and be part of the game’s big community, which is a pretty element for social connections.

However, there are some issues faced by the fans while playing Tekken 8. Balancing has always been a concern in any fighting game, and Tekken 8 does no less. One can easily find some characters more powerful than others, meaning no fair gameplay for all. At least, that can be annoying. But developers are at it and working on patches to level the playing field. This is the kind of fine-tuning one expects in the early game but is great to see from a company committed to improvement in its title to make gamers satisfied.

Despite those issues, Tekken 8 is packed with potential. Its training and replay features are top-notch and allow players to get into it and improve their combat skills. Tekken 8 also features a battle pass system, but don’t worry because you don’t need to spend if you don’t want to play the base game.

On the whole, Tekken 8 is still in early development. If you are looking for a fighting game that is more currently optimized and better, then Street Fighter 6 might be your best pick. But if you are excited by the way the game is looking and don’t mind waiting while they tweak the title, there’s a great deal to anticipate. In the fast-emerging world of fighting games, patches and updates really can make a big difference. Tekken 8 is one to keep an eye on; future updates will definitely make it much better than it is right now.