Tekken 8 Arcade Quest: What Do You Get for Beating this Mode?

Seriously, give it a go.

By GamesRecon

Want to know about the new Tekken 8 Arcade Quest mode? It’s pretty awesome, especially for both casual gamers and the more dedicated fans. So, instead of just the usual fights, this mode is a whole new adventure. You can create your own character and take them on this journey through the Tekken World Tour while competing with the different fighters.

It’s not just fight after fight, there’s an actual storyline where your character starts as a newbie and aims to become a top fighter. Furthermore, there are a lot of cool challenges and quests, and you can get into customizing your avatar. But what do you get when you beat Arcade Quest? Is it worth the effort and time?

What is Arcade Quest in Tekken 8?

Tekken 8 Arcade Quest Mode

Arcade Quest mode is divided into six chapters and the last final round is Super Ghost Battle, each set in a different arcade around the world. You will meet many known characters, such as Max, your mentor and guide, and Harada, the godfather of Tekken. You’ll come across some familiar faces from the main story mode of Tekken 8, like Jin, Kazuya, and Heihachi.

The story in Tekken 8 Arcade Quest is rather straightforward and not very complex, but it’s definitely fun. There are some funny bits, like this one time where you have to battle a giant panda – I mean, how wild is that? And there are some serious moments too, like this intense showdown with your rival in the final round. Its story helps you get the hang of Tekken 8, teaching you all about the gameplay, mechanics, and different features.

Jin vs Paul fight in Tekken 8 Arcade Quest

Arcade Quest puts your Tekken skills to the test. You will face many opponents, from beginners to really tough characters. Moreover, there are challenges you’ve got to complete, like pulling off combos, using rage arts, and trying to win with a perfect score. The best thing is that you will get rewards for how well you do.

Customization the avatar in Arcade Quest mode

You can earn gold, which you can spend on customizing your hero and your profile with all sorts of items. There are also new outfits, accessories, health gauges, name plates, and titles which you unlock with it. Some of these items are exclusive to Arcade Quest, with themes based on the characters and locations you encounter in the mode.

What Do You Get for Beating the Arcade Quest in Tekken 8?

Arcade Quest is a mode that gives you a lot of great rewards once you beat it after completing its main story. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • 10,000,000 Gold
  • “New Encounters” Player Title
  • Champion Cup Profile Background
  • Final Round Profile Background
  • Tekken World Tour Official Trophy Accessory
  • Fingerless Gloves Accessory
  • Metal Arcade Stick Accessory
  • Swept Back Hair

These rewards are not only cosmetic but also symbolic. When you deck out your avatar with all these rewards, it’s kinda like wearing a badge of honor. It shows everyone that you’ve conquered Arcade Quest and become the champ of the Tekken World Tour. It’s also a sign that you’ve leveled up your game in Tekken 8, learning a ton and improving your skills along the way.

There are many amazing rewards for beating the Arcade Quest in Tekken 8

Arcade Quest is a great offline mode for anyone playing Tekken 8. It offers a storyline that’s both fun and kind of educational in a way, that shows you the ropes of the game. The gameplay itself is very engaging and rewarding, and the reward system? It’s pretty generous, offering exclusive items that you won’t find anywhere else in the game. It’s definitely a mode worth getting into, especially if you’re into Tekken or fighting games in general.

Haven’t tried Arcade Quest yet? Seriously, give it a go. It’s one of those things that can make you fall in love with Tekken 8 even more. It’s a completely new way to experience the popular fighter game and just adds so much more to the whole Tekken vibe.