How Many Shrines are in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)?

Learn about the total number of Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and the end reward for completing all of them.

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While playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can’t miss out on the Shrines because these are not just there to boost your heart and stamina but each Shrine is like a cool brain-teaser, unique. And the best part is that you can solve them in ways that feel like you’re outsmarting the game, kind of bending the rules. The Shrines are mini-dungeons that test your skills and reward you with useful items and abilities. But how many Shrines are in Zelda TotK, and where can you find them?

What are Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Shrines Guide

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ve got the ancient Shrines scattered all over the two main areas – the Surface and the Sky. These are packed with mini-dungeons with a lot of puzzles, traps, enemies or bosses, and of course, some great treasure chests to loot. When you get to the end of a Shrine, you will receive the Light of Blessing alongside the loot chest. Collect four of these blessings, and you can trade them in for either a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel at any Goddess Statue to increase your health and stamina. You’ll find these statues in towns, villages, and upon the Great Sky Island.

Another awesome thing about Shrines is they work as fast travel points. Once you’ve activated a Shrine, you can get back to it anytime from the map screen. It’s very handy for getting around the game’s vast landscapes or for backtracking to places you’ve been. Some Shrines in TotK also contain special items or abilities that can level up your gameplay, such as the Construct Bow, the Ability to Rewind, or the Ability to Create.

How Many Shrines are there in Tears of the Kingdom?

The short and quick answer is that there are a total of 152 Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If we compare it with Breath of the Wild, the developers have included 32 additional ones this time around in TotK.

Map showing all Shrines location in Zelda TotK

In Tears of the Kingdom’s whole Hyrule terrain, the Shrines are split into two types: Surface Shrines and Sky Shrines. There are 120 Surface Shrines while the remaining 32 are Sky Shrines to explore and complete. The Surface ones are down on the ground level, which is all covered in this thick cloud layer. As for the Sky Shrines, they’re perched up on these floating Sky Islands. You can get to them either by flying or through special portals.

The Surface Shrines are nicely organized into different regions, and each one has its own vibe and landscape. These include Central Hyrule, Hebra, Tabantha, Hyrule Ridge, Akkala, Death Mountain, Elden, Great Hyrule Forest, Feron, Gerudo Desert, Gerudo Highlands, Necluda, Lanayru and Lanayru Great Spring. The Sky Shrines are located on four different Sky Islands, each with its theme and environment. These Sky Islands are Skyloft, Skyview, Skyward, and Skyreach. The Totk’s Hyrule Sky Shrines are Great Sky Island, Central Hyrule Sky, Hebra and Tabantha, Gerudo, and Lanyru.

What are the Rewards for Completing Each Shrine?

So, what do you get for your hard efforts of finishing all the Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? The reward is Ancient Hero’s Aspect armor! It’s a great armor that makes Link look like a Zonai warrior. Not only does it seem awesome, but it also offers great defense. And you can even upgrade it at the Great Fairy for some extra power. Once you’ve conquered all 152 shrines in Tears of the Kingdom, head over to the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island. There, you’ll find a chest with this amazing armor to get collected.

And that’s it! Now you know everything you need to know about Zelda TotK Shrines, you can set off on your great adventure. Discover and explore each to learn its mysteries, overcome its difficulties, and revel in the glory of your victories. There are a lot of them in total, so you have many hours of exciting adventure ahead of you. So, grab your trusty swords like Master Sword and your green tunic and prepare to have great fun in the wondrous world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.