How to Increase Health and Stamina in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Your health and stamina are very crucial in Zelda TotK. Here's how to fill your bars to survive in the game.

By GamesRecon

As you progress through The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will need to increase your health and stamina to survive and access new areas. In this article, I will explain how to do that in a simple and effective way.

Health and stamina are very important in Zelda TotK. The health is your game’s lifeline – it’s shown as hearts on the top left of your screen. You kick off the storyline with three hearts, but as you gather more heart containers, your health grows. On the other hand, Stamina is about how long you can keep doing things like running, climbing, swimming, or gliding; it’s shown as a green circle. You start with just one Stamina Wheel, but as you find more Stamina Vessels, you can do these actions for longer.

How to Increase Health & Stamina in Zelda TotK?

If you’re looking to boost your health and stamina in the game, tackling shrines is the way to go. Shrines are mini-dungeons all over the place, challenging your brains and skills. There are over 100 of them in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and each one rewards you with a Light of Blessing when you finish it.

Link trading Light of Blessing for Heart Container at Goddess Statue.

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For the health or stamina upgrade, you need to go to a Goddess Statue once you have obtained enough Lights of Blessing. They’re the cool monuments where you can trade in 4 Lights of Blessing for either 1 Heart Container (boosting your health) or 1 Stamina Vessel. It’s your choice which one you go for each time you visit.

The first Goddess Statue you’ll probably come across is in Lookout Landing, the first town after you leave Great Sky Island. Just find the hole in the town square and drop down – can’t miss it.

Furthermore, you can also get Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels through the main story quests. Like, after you wrap up the quests with the four champions of Hyrule, each one gives you a heart. And there’s the Great Fairy Fountain in Kakariko Village – if you gather enough amount, you can unlock some stamina there too.

How to Make the Most of Your Health and Stamina?

Here’s how you can make the most out of your health and stamina in the Zelda TotK – it’s not just about increasing them, you know?

  • First up, cooking – you can get food and elixirs that give your health and stamina a big boost. Scour the world for ingredients, and get creative with those cooking pots. You’ll find some ingredients do more than just fill our hero Link’s health or stamina; they can temporarily level up your maximum hearts or stamina, or even make you more resistant to certain elements.
  • Next is the gear – your armor and weapons should match how you like to play. Each gear has its perks, like better defense, stronger attacks, faster speed, or sneakier stealth. You can also upgrade your armor at the Great Fairy Fountains, or modify your weapons at the blacksmiths, to make them more powerful and effective. It’s smart to have a variety of items on hand, so you can switch things up depending on what you’re up against.
  • Stamina management is also very important. Stamina is key for running, climbing, swimming, you name it. But it drains fast, and running out at the wrong time can be a real bummer as you will be vulnerable and unable to move. Conserve it when you can, like using it only when really needed. You can rest or munch on stamina-restoring snacks to fill it up again. There are a few tricks to save more stamina, like jumping while climbing or using the paraglider from high spots.
  • Lastly, always be ready for anything. Hyrule’s full of surprises – not all of them friendly. Keep your inventory stocked with essentials like arrows, bombs, and healing items. Dress for the weather and terrain, and save your game often (just in case!), and don’t forget about fast travel to return to familiar spots.

In a nutshell, making the most of your health and stamina means being smart with your resources, choosing the right gear for the job, managing your stamina with care, and always being prepared for whatever The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom throws your way.