Elden Ring Tombsward Catacombs Guide

By GR Staff

Elden Ring Tombsward Catacombs is one of the smaller dungeons the players can find in the game. The Tombsward Catacombs is situated towards the northern end of Minor Erdtree in the Weeping Peninsula. After leaving the Church of Pilgrimage, head south in the direction of Minor Erdtree, and you will find access to it. Keep an eye out for the pair of doors heading into the cliffs that are concealed behind an enormous stone pillar.

Well, it’s not a mandatory place to visit, but it contains several treasures with some good items to loot and a boss to fight. The process is the same as in the case of other Elden Ring Catacombs, using the lever to open the door to fight with the boss. But the point here is that the lever in this dungeon is concealed extremely well and can be a little tricky to get. This article provides details about Elden Ring Tombsward Catacombs location, a walkthrough, and a guide to locating its chest as well as strategies for defeating the opponents.

Elden Ring Tombsward Catacombs Location

Elden Ring Map Showing Tombsward Catacombs Location

Reaching this dungeon is not a very big deal. Go east-west across Weeping Peninsula’s hanging bridge and you will arrive at the Tombsward Catacombs in Elden Ring. You will have to keep going straight ahead for a while, then take a turn to the left (up the cliff). Towards the north side of Minor Erdtree, you will see a large stone archway giving access to the cliffside. The Tombsward Ruins are not located here, but rather on an upper level.

When standing on the ground surface, you will be able to see two enormous rising stone pillars as well as the set of doors leading into the Catacombs available towards the upper east area of those pillars. Upon entering the Catacombs, players will access the Site of Grace that can be used. There is an imp statue that keeps a room locked when you enter the dungeons from the Site of Grace.

Tombsward Catacombs in Elden Ring: Walkthrough

After you descend the Site of Grace, you will come across a road split where you will see an imp seal on the right and stairs on the left. Two skeletons will be waiting for you inside the imp statue when you enter it using the Stonesword Key. To avoid them regenerating, attack them once more even after you beat, as their ability to summon again. You can add the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [9] to your inventory by looting the body.

Obtain Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook 9 at Dungeon

Keep moving on the leading path, and you will reach a Summoning Pool alongside Grave Glovewort and a few caves containing more enemies to face. Take a left here and enter a square room with a massive central column on the other side of the corridor. When you approach the skeleton closely, he will start fire blows at you, so be careful as you may receive massive damage if you get affected. You will face one more skeleton near the Grave Glovewort plant – battle with them and kill them to move forward. You will find a stairway with numerous levels sloped below on the other side of the area. When two skeleton archers arrive, you will want to hide in a corner and duck their roll-on attack to prevent yourself from getting shot. Moreover, you will also find a Ghost Glovewort there; remember to get it.

You will arrive at a fire trap down the road by moving a little bit more. The fire is highly damaging and can potentially wipe out players, although it can be slowed or stopped by striking it. It would be best to wait for the fire to calm down and hunker down in the nook to your right. A shielded skeleton will appear; therefore, you must take care of that and beat it with the right moves and planning. Human Bone Shard x5 can be found in a corridor’s dead body.

Human Bone Shard in Elden Ring Catacombs

This place is populated by many Grave Glovewort & Violet and Prattling Pate “Thank You.” After you reach the room on the left, the four skeletons will appear from all the corners, so proceed with extreme caution there! If you want to win this battle, draw their attention, and shoot them quickly to demolish all of them. Taking a few steps back into the hallway can help you avoid being entirely trapped by the skeletons.

Climb on the burning monument as it will lift you to the 2nd floor of the dungeons, where you can continue your journey in Elden Ring. Keep moving until you see a room with Grave Violet and a tiny room containing Grave Glovewort – so pick them both and proceed further. You will come against the two skeletons in the later room – one with an archer and the other having Grossmesser. Beyond this area, you will obtain a lever to open the Catacombs’ doors and elevate to the chamber with the two skeletal archers. It is as simple as using the lever to begin the Elden Ring Tombsward Catacombs boss combat.

Tombsward Catacombs: Cemetary Shade Boss

The Cemetary Shade (a darkish beast) will put up a hard battle. You will recognize this Cemetery Shade from your time in the Black Knife Catacombs or the Caelid Catacombs, as they share the same characteristics and approach. It’s a shadowy black monster who can use its spit to paralyze its enemies and quick daggers to strike them. The Shade, more like family, takes a lot of damage in closer range, encouraging close quarters to fight despite the inherent danger this poses due to the boss’s ability to teleport at will and unleash a volley of blade strikes in a combo that is nearly hard to prevent.

In addition to its slime assault, this ethereal Elden Ring Boss’s quick multiple weapons blows deliver significant damage. Although, its capacity for relocation poses the most crucial challenge. When you notice a small green light circle emerges over its head, it means it is going to launch a slime shot at you. If you are affected by this attack, this opens the door for the Shade to pounce on you and start nibbling on your skin, doing enormous harm.

A variety of effective methods exist for eliminating it. While it is possible to kill a Cemetery Shade with a few well-placed shots from a distance, dodging their assaults and attacking them in close quarters with the weapons are other viable strategies. A weapon with a +4 enhancement boost is ideal for quickly dispatching this Elden Ring boss. If you defeat the Cemetery Shade, you will get Lhutel the Headless Ashes as a reward. There is also an additional item you may not want to miss. Look towards the arena’s back wall – there will be three pieces of Root Resin for you to pick.

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