Best Race for Bard in Baldur’s Gate 3

By selecting the right race for your Bard class, you will gain a lot of benefits in the fights over your enemies.

By GamesRecon

In Baldur’s Gate 3, every choice is a step on the path to legendary heroism or perhaps, mischievous villainy. Now, if you’ve got your eye on the Bard class, you’re in for a treat. These lyrical spellcasters are all about that irresistible charm, known traditionally as the poets and artists of the battlefield. But, don’t let that flair fool you; with the best race for Bard in Baldur’s Gate 3, your class can be a powerhouse of support, dishing out a harmony of offensive and defensive magic.

So, your race choice is like picking the opening number in a rock show—it sets the mood for the entire gig. With the right race, you’ll unlock perks that harmonize beautifully with Bard’s toolkit, amplifying your Charisma and turning you into the rockstar you were born to be on the battlefield.

Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Race for Bard

Below are some top Bard races that will have your class hitting all the right notes:

Zariel Tiefling

Baldur's Gate 3 Zariel Tiefling Bard Race

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For us, the best race for a Bard in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Zariel Tiefling, a race shrouded in a bit of mystique and a dash of demonic allure.  Zariel Tieflings in BG3 carries the legacy of Avernus, bringing along some spicy traits that would make any Bard’s heart sing. Right from level 1, they come with the Thaumaturgy cantrip up their sleeves. This little spell is like your opening act, allowing you to create unique effects that can dazzle your audience or intimidate foes, setting the mood for the magical symphony you’re about to conduct.

Zariel Tieflings has a flair for the dramatic when it comes to battlefield theatrics. They can channel fiery fury to give their enemies a taste of infernal justice. And as they groove to the rhythm, they unlock more fiery traits. At level 3, they gain access to the Searing Smite, turning their weapon into a spectacle of white-hot intensity. And come level 5, they unlock Branding Smite, a spell that marks your target with light, making it hard for them to play hide and seek in the shadows​.

But wait, there’s more to the Zariel Tiefling’s ensemble. They have a natural resistance to fire, thanks to their hellish bloodline. This Hellish Resistance is like having a built-in fireproof cloak, keeping them cool while the battlefield heats up​3​. Now, onto the main act – their Bardic potential. While the Zariel Tiefling’s fiery traits make them a hot pick for more martial classes like Paladin or Fighter, they also strike a chord with Bards who fancy a touch of flamboyance in their performance.

High Elf

BG3 High Elf Bard Race

High Elves in Baldur’s Gate 3 are like the maestros of the arcane. Their finesse with magic is something akin to how a virtuoso caresses the strings of a lute. When you pick a High Elf, you’re unlocking a melody of magical possibilities. They come with a bonus cantrip right from level 1. Cantrips in BG3 are your basic magic spells, easy to cast, and ready to create a splash at any moment. They are like your go-to chords in a jam session, always prepared to jazz up the moment without draining your magical mojo.

High Elves may not have the natural charm of some other races, but what they lack in charisma, they more than make up for with their magical spells. The extra cantrip they get is like having an extra quiver in their magical repertoire, allowing for a broader range of melodies to play with. High Elves are not just about the tunes; they bring a grace to the Bard class that’s like poetry in motion. They are harder to charm, making them a tough nut to crack in the face of enchantments or mind-control spells.

Forest Gnome

Forest Gnome Bard Race Baldur's Gate 3

When it comes to the Forest Gnome, we’re talking about a race that’s both whimsical and wise. Forest Gnomes have some good racial features that tune well with a Bard’s lifestyle. Their Base Racial Speed is 7.5m, which means they can move around with a peppy step, whether it’s to find the perfect spot on stage or to dodge a nasty spell. They also have Darkvision, allowing them to see in the dark up to a range of 12m, which comes in handy when the curtains fall and the stage is dimly lit.

But that’s not all! The Gnome Cunning trait is like having a backstage pass to a world of magical whimsy. This trait gives them an advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws, which are crucial for a Bard who’s all about that Charisma magic​. And did we mention their ability to speak with animals? It’s like having a built-in audience wherever you go, and it comes with its own set of spell melodies. This ability opens up a realm of charming possibilities, making your journey through Baldur’s Gate 3 a tale filled with weird events.

As a Bard, you’re all about that charismatic flair, and being a Forest Gnome just strikes the right chord. They have the highest attributes in Charisma and Dexterity, which are like the rhythm and melody of Bard’s magical song. Their small stature and reclusive nature might make them a rare sight in Faerûn, but when they step onto the stage, it’s a performance bound to echo through the realms.

Drow Half-Elf

Drow Half-Elf Bard Race BG3

Here comes the Drow Half-Elf, striding in with a blend of elegance and mystique. The Drow Half-Elf is like the mystic minstrel of Baldur’s Gate 3, a subrace of Half-Elf with a dash of Drow magic that sings through their veins. Now, when you’re striding down the Bard’s path, charisma is your best friend, and guess what? Drow Half-Elves come with a bit of a magical encore – the Dancing Lights cantrip.

With a base move speed of 9m, Drow Half-Elves can glide across the battlefield or the stage with grace. Think of it as a natural rhythm in your steps, which is always in the right place at the right time, whether to strum a healing tune or dodge a fiery arrow. Most half-drow are born from unions between Seldarine drow and surfacers. They inherit a smattering of magical gifts, but they usually grow up away from the Underdark’s gloom. So, their magic sings a different tune, one more in harmony with the surface world’s vibrant melody, yet tinged with the haunting echo of the Underdark’s mystique.

Shield Dwarf

BG3 Shield Dwarf Bard Race

Shield Dwarves are known for their robust constitution and a long tradition of warriors and craftsmen. When you opt for a Shield Dwarf Bard race in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’re not just picking a race; you’re getting a legacy of stout-hearted folks who’ve weathered storms through the ages. Shield Dwarves have both Medium and Light Armor Proficiencies, which is like having an extra layer of rugged charm.

They are well-suited for a Bard who likes to be in the thick of things, serenading foes with a tune of steel and stone. Their base move speed is 7.5m, and they come with Dwarven Armor Training. This combo makes them a solid choice if you’re all about holding the line with a dose of dwarven fortitude while crooning battle hymns that resonate through the halls of the game​.


Githyanki Bard Race Baldur's Gate 3

On the other side of the cosmic coin, we have the Githyanki Bards, astral voyagers with a martial flair. Githyanki has a balance of physical and mental power. Initially, they had fixed bonuses to Strength and Intelligence, but now you have the flexibility to choose which ability gets a +2 and which gets a +1, tuning your Bard to your style. Your Githyanki Bard will be proficient with Greatsword, Longsword, and Shortsword. They also don light and medium armor without a hitch, and you get to pick any one skill to gain proficiency in a true martial maestro with a touch of personal flair.

Githyanki Bards come with a suite of psionic abilities that mimic certain spells. From summoning an invisible Mage Hand to leaping across the battlefield with a Jump spell or teleporting with Misty Step, your Bard is not just a musician but a psionic poet, crafting a dance of mind and magic on the ground.