Can You Recruit Karlach Without Wyll Becoming a Devil in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Ever thought of having Karlach and also saving Wyll in Baldur's Gate 3 while snagging some epic loot? Here's the inside scoop!

By GamesRecon

So, you are exploring the depths of Baldur’s Gate 3 and trying to make those tough decisions about your party? If you’ve found yourself torn between the tales of Wyll and Karlach, you’re not alone. We’re talking about one being tasked to kill the other, major drama right there! Now, every seasoned player knows how vital companions are in this epic game, and let’s be real, the companion stories in BG3 are no joke. But what if I told you there’s a way to have your cake and eat it, too? In other words, you can recruit Karlach without turning Wyll into a devil.

The Conflict: Mizora’s Task

Mizora is Wyll’s warlock patron – the one pulling the strings behind his actions. She gave him a big task: to track down Karlach and kill him – it’s a classic “will he or won’t he” situation.

A nice chat with Wyll in Baldur's Gate 3

Now, if Wyll plays the obedient minion and does Mizora’s dirty work, he obtains a good reward, and by shiny, I mean the kind of gear we all drool over. But (and it’s a big BUT), you have to say goodbye to Karlach from your storyline, an important and great barbarian fellow who could’ve been fighting side-by-side with you. Alternatively, if Wyll decides to give Mizora the metaphorical finger and keeps Karlach safe, Mizora ain’t the forgiving type. Not only does Wyll get on her naughty list, but you will also not get that valuable equipment.

You might think, “Do I want a party member or some shiny gear?” But what if I told you that you don’t have to choose? Yes, you heard right! Though it’s a bit like threading a needle while blindfolded (and trust me, you’ll want to hit that save button like it’s going out of style), there’s a slick way to get Wyll to check off his to-do list for Mizora and get Karlach on your side safely. You can even get some romantic sparks flying with Karlach.

Now, let’s talk about that sweet final prize that Wyll receives– the Infernal Robe. Not only is it exclusive, but this item boosts your AC by +1, makes you kind of invincible against fire, and comes packed with the fire shield: warm spell. Rocking this robe is like being the center of a fiery universe; you glow up within three meters, laugh off cold damage, and any enemy dumb enough to take a swipe at you? They get a toasty 2d8 fire damage for their trouble.

How to Save Both Karlach & Wyll and also Get the Reward?

Facing Karlach in Blighted Village

Let’s break down the gamer-approved steps to get that epic Infernal Robe and save Karlach (our badass barbarian). Just remember the golden rule: save, save, and save again. You don’t want any unfortunate misclicks ruining your master plan.

  1. Before anything else, make sure you’ve had a heart-to-heart talk with Wyll. Get the deets on his little task so it’s jotted down in your record.
  2. Get Wyll in your active party but there is a plot twist – leave him chilling at camp. If you’re scratching your head on how to split the party, either drag Wyll’s portrait until that chain icon breaks or simply click the chain icon to let everyone go solo for a bit.
  3. Once you’ve left Wyll daydreaming at camp, make your way to Karlach. She’s at the north of the Blighted Village. Just follow the road east, give those gnolls a wide berth, and you’ll spot her beyond a fallen log. Before proceeding further, it’s a good idea to save here so you can start again in case things turn in the wrong way.
  4. Resist the urge to get up close and personal with Karlach. Remember, we’re avoiding triggering her cinematic. Instead, unleash your ranged fury and bring her down from a distance. Some classes might find this simple, so fingers crossed you’re one of them.
  5. Once you’ve dealt with Karlach, sprint back to camp. Spill the beans to Wyll and make sure your journal gets updated with the deed done.
  6. Now, again go back to where Karlach fell, but don’t get too close again! With a little finesse (and possibly a few reloads if you’re anything like me), you can resurrect her without setting off that animation. Once she’s up and about, she’ll return to her spot, and she can now join your party in BG3 when you feel like it.
  7. Head back to camp for a good long sleep, and then Mizora appears. If you have played your cards right, she’ll gift Wyll with that precious Infernal Robe. The next day; get all your crew together and recruit Karlach like nothing ever happened.

The Consequences

There doesn’t appear to be any lasting impact on the game’s outcome by going this way. Both Karlach and Wyll’s side quests keep trucking on the way they should. So, you won’t be breaking the game or anything. But after you’ve played both sides and secured both Karlach and that fiery robe for Wyll, you might notice something… off. Yes, Wyll is going to rock a bit of a devilish vibe. Mizora and Wyll will act like he’s broken his pact and sprouted horns, even if he hasn’t. But, if you ask me, it’s a tiny quirk for having your cake and eating it, too, and it’s somehow worth it. Besides, who doesn’t like a character with a little edge? It adds character (pun intended).