Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Side with Stone Lord or Guild in BG3?

Whether you go with Stone Lord or the Guild isn't a simple ethical option.

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If you’re someone like me, you will love how every choice you make matters in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s not just “pick this or that”; your decisions can change the game. One of the most captivating challenges you’ll face is the “Aid the Underduke” quest. This quest plunges you headfirst into the murky waters of Baldur’s Gate City’s criminal landscape, forcing you to make high-stakes choices that could change the course of your game. We’re talking life-or-death, ally-or-enemy type choices here.

You’ve got Stone Lord, the new kid on the underworld block, going toe-to-toe with Nine Fingers Keene and his long-standing Guild. There’s a turf war going on, and you get to decide who wins. Should you side with the Stone Lord or keep it classic with the Guild? By the end of this guide, you’ll know which path is packed with the most rewards and epic story beats.

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The Intricacies of the “Aid the Underduke” Quest

You start this legendary quest with the simple task: “Go to City Counting.” But a basic maneuver turns into an advanced play because Stone Lord’s pulled a fast one on you. He’s not even at the Counting House; this guy’s in the Lower City sewers. You can snag Stone Lord as an ally if you’re running with Jaheira in your comp. That’s right, secure that high-value asset for the late game.

So, who’s this Nine Fingers Keene dude? He’s like the godfather of the Baldur’s Gate criminal scene. His Guild has been around for ages, but now they feel the heat from Stone Lord and his crew. It’s the old guard versus the new blood. You’ll eventually wind up at the Guildhall, where you’ll meet Roah. She’s got her eyes set on Nine Fingers’ throne if you know what I mean. She’s all about that hostile takeover life.

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There’s a shapeshifter in the mix. Yes, someone’s flexing some serious illusion skills pretending to be Minsc. Roah’s throwing down the gauntlet, and it’s your call: ally with her or become her worst enemy. No matter which path you choose, Nine Fingers Keene will have your back. You can count on Nine Fingers to aid you. However, if you choose to fight Roah, you can earn 10,000 gold as a reward after defeating her.

Why Siding with Stone Lord is the Better Choice?

Stone Lord isn’t just some grunt you recruit to add extra firepower. The guy carries his own narrative and optional quests, leading to more valuable loot and making the environment feel more dynamic and alive. Sure, the Guild’s been around forever, but that also means they’re the same old.

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Whatever you pick, Nine Fingers is gonna back you up either way because, you know, you’ve proven yourself useful. If you choose to be with Stone Lord, expect some epic teamwork in the final battle. On the other hand, if you went against Roah and sided with the Guild, well, let’s say that 10,000 gold can buy a lot of health potions for the fight ahead.

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