Baldur’s Gate 3 Rugan Walkthrough

Learn about the wild choices in Baldur’s Gate 3 with our guide on handling Rugan and his mystery chest.

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In the rich and intricate world of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ve probably stumbled upon a heap of quests where your choices can make you feel like a hero or… well, not so much. One such brain-teaser is the Find the Missing Shipment quest in Act 1. Just when you think you’ve got a breather after outsmarting those Gnolls, in struts Baldur’s Gate 3 Rugan – the caravan’s head honcho with a mysterious chest in tow. And guess what? The fate of that chest is totally in your hands. Strap in because this is where things get interesting.

Who is Rugan in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Rugan isn’t just some random guy you bump into on your journey. But he’s got ties – and not the fancy necktie kind. He’s all cozy with the Zhentarim, a group known for their… let’s say, flexible morals. As the leader, Rugan’s got this mission. He’s transporting this mysterious chest, and it’s not just a collection of his favourite socks. This guy’s on a mission, and what you decide to do about it could make your adventure smooth sailing or a total rollercoaster.

The Three Choices with Rugan

Rugan Baldurs Gate 3

When you cross paths with Rugan, you’re faced with a classic game crossroad. It’s like being at an all-you-can-eat buffet, but instead of choosing between fries or onion rings, you’re picking your game destiny. Here’s the lowdown on the three major choices when facing Rugan in Baldur’s Gate 3 :

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Pocketing the Chest for Yourself

Feeling a little bold and fancy that chest for yourself? If your character has the guts (and a decent intimidation stat), you can totally try your hand at this option. Choose the dialogue that’s something like “I’ll take whatever’s in that chest as payment,” or if you’re feeling particularly feisty, hit Rugan with a “No, this is where I stop asking and start cutting.”

Here’s the kicker: Go down this route, and Rugan and his sidekick, Olly, won’t be sending you any Christmas cards. In fact, they’ll go full-on hostile but, they aren’t the toughest cookies in the jar. After getting the chest, you’ll find some gold and an iron flask inside. But, a word of caution: opening that flask is like opening Pandora’s box, complete with a Beholder boss fight. Also, snagging Rugan’s loot means you might miss out on some cool Zhentarim quests. Think it over!

Letting Mr. Responsible (Rugan) Do His Thing by Keeping the Chest

Maybe you’re in a good mood and decide to let Rugan handle his business and deliver the chest himself. It’s not just about being nice; there’s a perk. Once he does the deed, you get a sweet shortcut to the Zhentarim hideout. Plus, when you meet up with the boss lady, Zarys, she’ll slide you a wicked crossbow named “Harold” and you’ll be getting some sweet deals at their merchant shop.

Keep in mind, that hanging out with the Zhentarim might rub off on you. Stick around, and you might find your character doing some shady deals, too.

Taking a Peek Inside Chest and Delivering It

So, curiosity got the better of you? If you decide to sneak a peek inside the chest but still want to play delivery person, be ready for some drama. Once the Zhentarim see that seal’s broken, they’re not gonna be happy campers. It’s like re-gifting a present but forgetting to remove the original tag.

If you have made up your mind to go this route, get ready for a showdown at the hideout. And, like choice numero uno, this might lock you out of some quests; but to each their own.

Tips and Additional Information

Before you jump into making world-altering decisions in Baldur’s Gate 3, let’s spill some tea and share a few hot tips and tidbits that could save your virtual behind:

  • The Zhentarim aren’t exactly the Boy Scouts of the fantasy world. They’ve got a rep for being a bit… well, sneaky. So, if you’re thinking of being BFFs with them, just know you’re dabbling with the dark side. It’s like companying the bad boy of the school; thrilling, but with a side of danger.
  • Sometimes in the heat of the game, it’s tempting to go all out and choose the “stab first, ask questions later” approach. But when it comes to Rugan? Maybe hold off. Killing him for his loot might seem like a short-term win, but in the grand scheme, it’s kind of a party foul. You’ll miss out on some killer Zhentarim quests, and let’s be honest, Rugan’s got connections you might want to exploit later.
  • If you’ve been a good Samaritan and saved Rugan, and you’re itching for your reward but Zarys is acting all cold? Don’t sweat it. Just take a long rest and Rugan will show up at the hideout. Zarys will be more generous once he’s around.

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