Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Give Gale Magic Artifacts in BG3

What should you do with the magical appetite of this wizard?

By GamesRecon

While wandering through Baldur’s Gate 3, chances are you’ve run into Gale, a charismatic and somewhat peculiar wizard who quickly becomes an invaluable member of your party. But he is no ordinary companion; unlike your average spellcaster, he comes with a unique quirk: a voracious appetite for magic artifacts.

You might wonder, “Why does a wizard need to eat magic items?” Well, as it turns out, Gale’s got an unusual sickness that requires him to munch on magic artifacts now and then. If he doesn’t, let’s just say things could get… explosive. And while the game teases the catastrophic consequences of neglecting his dietary needs, the specifics are kept under wraps, enticing us to keep him happy and fed.

So, how do we give Gale magic artifacts in BG3? And should we even bother? This guide tells you the essentials of feeding Gale magic items in Baldur’s Gate 3, ensuring this powerful wizard remains a boon rather than a bane to our epic quest. Managing his unique requirement adds an interesting layer to our adventure, making our journey through the Forgotten Realms all the more fascinating.

How to Give Gale Magic Artifacts in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)?

Exclamation mark above Gale's head

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You might be scratching your head, “How do I feed him these magical delicacies?” Fear not, for I shall guide you through the surprisingly simple process of keeping Gale’s magical hunger at bay. You need to keep an eye out for the telltale sign: a dialogue bubble appears over Gale’s head. This is his subtle way of saying, “Hey, I’m about to go a little magic-item crazy here.” It’s your cue that he needs a magical artifact right away.

Engaging him in conversation will reveal his current craving for a magical item. Here, the game graciously offers you the option to hand over an item. It’s pretty straightforward – a bit like offering a piece of gear to any old RPG character, but with the added spice of knowing you’re averting a magical disaster.

Gale has taken the magical item.

You might be tempted to pawn off every magical piece you find to the nearest merchant for some easy in-game money. Hold up, though. Considering Gale’s needs, you’ll want to hoard some of those seemingly useless magic items. That’s right, become the collector you never knew you needed to be. Because when Gale gets that look in his eyes, you’ll want to be prepared with an artifact to spare, ideally one that won’t be missed. After all, feeding him means destroying the item – a small price to pay for keeping your wizardly friend stable and not leaving any chance for something bad.

But don’t feed this Wizard your primary gear. If it’s something you or another party member is actively using, maybe reconsider. Unless, of course, you enjoy living on the edge, in which case, who am I to judge? In essence, feeding Gale is as easy as pie – magical pie, that is. Keep those spare BG3 magic artifacts handy, and you’ll not only keep him happy and healthy but also ensure he remains a powerful ally on your journey. Moreover, you get to avoid the whole “accidentally blowing up part of the continent” scenario, which is always a bonus in my book.

Should You Give Magic Items to Gale in BG3?

Dialogue choices to give Gale item or not.

Deciding whether to feed Gale your magical artifacts is a decision with tangible consequences in the game. If you choose to give him the items, it strengthens your bond and increases his approval of you, which is beneficial if you want to keep him as a companion. On the flip side, withholding the artifacts prompts Gale to make a darker pact with the devil, and he’ll harbor a grudge against you for not aiding him in his time of need. Therefore, you should feed the magical items to Gale, especially since the items he requests are typically those you might not need, allowing you to manage your inventory better while supporting your companion.

When it comes to which artifacts you should give Gale, the game provides flexibility, suggesting that almost any magical item not directly blessed by a deity or too cumbersome (like full armor sets) can be consumed by him. Items such as the Staff of Crones, The Necromancy of Thay, Idol of Silvanus, and the Iron Flask are examples of items you can offer him. This mechanic allows you to use Gale as a sort of magical recycling bin for items you find less useful, although it’s recommended to retain some of them that could be of strategic importance in battles.

Gale is not just a typical Wizard; he’s a powerhouse with a backstory that tugs at the heartstrings. Plus, keeping him around and happy means you’ve got access to his vast array of spells and wisdom. If you ignore him in time of his need, that’s a fast track to complicating your journey and missing out on some rich story development. The thing is, feeding him those magic items turns potential trash into treasure, enriching both his effectiveness and the depth of your adventure. So, yes, tossing a few magical crumbs Gale’s way? Totally worth it.

What Happens If You Don’t Give Gale Magic Artifacts in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Not giving Gale the magical artifacts in Baldur's Gate 3 results in chain of events.

Not giving Gale the magical artifacts he requests in Baldur’s Gate 3 sets off a chain of events that reflect the game’s intricate design around choice and consequence. If you ignore his polite requests, he’ll start pocketing those shiny artifacts himself. It’s a bit of a party faux pas, not to mention, it’s downright annoying to have your carefully collected gear start disappearing. Furthermore, he gets annoyed by you and takes a much darker path by making a pact with Raphael as we already said. So, keeping him fed is definitely the simpler route.

Moreover, the game doesn’t let you off easy for making this choice. If Gale is killed, he won’t just vanish into the ether; he comes back as a spectral magical projection, imploring you to revive him within a set timeframe. This scenario adds a layer of complexity to your gameplay, potentially complicating your journey further than if you had simply given him the artifacts to begin with.

It’s also worth noting that his need for magical artifacts is deeply intertwined with his quest and backstory. Ignoring his requests doesn’t only affect his approval of you but may also halt the progression of his character arc and the benefits it could bring to your party. The game encourages players to manage their inventory wisely, offering Gale a unique mechanism to discard unneeded magical items while also advancing his storyline.