How to Investigate Kagha in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Uncover the secrets and motives of a shady druid leader who is planning to perform a dark ritual that could threaten the lives.

By GamesRecon

One of the optional side quests you can encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3 is “Investigate Kagha”, which involves uncovering the secrets and motives of a shady druid leader who is planning to perform a dark ritual that could threaten the lives of many innocent people. In this walkthrough, we will guide you on how to complete this quest and expose Kagha’s betrayal.

How to Start the Investigate Kagha in Baldur’s Gate 3

Kagha Chest Location on the Map

The quest starts when you meet Kagha, the leader of the Emerald Grove druids, who is in charge of deciding the fate of the Tiefling refugees who are taking shelter from the goblin attacks. Kagha isn’t exactly rolling out the welcome mat. She has got the vibe that screams “I’m up to something,” and you get the hunch there’s more to her than meets the eye. If you want to investigate her further, you need to find some clues in her chambers.

Make your way to the circular room northwest from where Kagha is present. There’s a desk with the Rite of Thorns scroll on it – it’s pretty much a how-to guide on turning the Grove into a giant booby trap for unwelcome guests. Finding this scroll kicks off your quest to uncover what Kagha’s really plotting.

Getting the clue letter from the chest in Kagha chamber.

Now, the plot thickens with your next clue – it is stashed in a chest hidden behind a bookshelf on the room’s west side. Getting into this chest is a bit of a pickle. You could either play it sneaky and pick the lock or if you’re feeling bold, pickpocket the key right off Kagha—assuming you’re good at flying under the radar. Crack open that chest, and you’ll find a half-ripped letter that spills the beans on Kagha’s shady rendezvous in the swamp down south.

Investigating the Swamp

The swamp is a dangerous place full of traps and hostile creatures, so be prepared for a fight. You need to follow the quest marker on the map and jump across the chain of small islands to reach the meeting place. When you finally make it, you’ll run into a bunch of Wood Woads and Mud Mephits hanging around a massive tree.

The Wood Woads are tough and resilient, while the Mud Mephits can spawn more of their kind and explode when they die. Your best option is to target those Ancient Mud Mephits first. Whip out your best spells or skills that boost your attack power or make you harder to hit. And try to stay out of the water or mud—it’s like fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

Getting the secret letter from wooden crevice to confront Kagha.

After you’ve taken them down, make your way to the tree, there’s a wooden crevice on the southwest side. Inside, you’ll find a letter that confirms Kagha’s involvement with the Shadow Druids. They’re a radical faction that wants to use the power of the shadows to destroy civilization. This letter is the solid proof you need to confront Kagha and stop her from completing the Rite of Thorns.

Confronting Kagha in BG3

With the letter in hand, you can return to the Emerald Grove and face Kagha in her chamber. You can either accuse her directly or try to persuade her to abandon her dark path. If you choose the latter option, you will need to pass two skill checks: one for Persuasion and one for Religion.

If you succeed in convincing Kagha, she will realize her mistake and renounce the Shadow Druids. Further, the other Druids and the Tiefling refugees will be singing your praises, happy to live in harmony in the grove. If you fail to persuade Kagha, you will have to fight them and kill them to stop the Rite of Thorns.

Final talk with the Zelvor to end the quest.

After you’ve defeated the Kagha and Druids, your next move is to head over to the Tiefling camp and catch up with Zevlor. Let him know you’ve put an end to the ritual, and he’s going to be over the moon about it. Zevlor will not only thank you; he will give the Hellrider’s Pride gloves as a token of gratitude for shutting down Kagha’s shady plans. Moreover, if you manage to sway Kagha away from her dark deeds, she will become a good friend.