How to Save Liam in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Save the innocent guy who's being tortured for no reason.

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, one of the early game choices you will face is whether to save Liam in BG3, a Tiefling prisoner who is being tortured by goblins in the Shattered Sanctum. Liam knows a bit of information about the location of Druid Grove, a haven for refugees and outcasts, and the goblins want to extract that information from him by any means necessary. He is a part of the group led by Aradin, who are all about uncovering the secrets of the Nightsong, a legendary artifact shrouded in mystery.

Choosing to rescue Liam is more than just doing a good deed; it’s actually quite beneficial for you. Liam’s knowledge about the Nightsong, the Druid Grove, and even the goblin camp might be limited, but it’s valuable. Furthermore, he will become your companion and join your camp, offering his friendship and support. But saving him won’t be a walk in the park. You will have to deal with Torturer Spike, a sadistic goblin who has a Mark of the Absolute, a sign of divine favor from the evil goddess Shar. And as if that’s not tricky enough, you’ll need to sneak around the Shattered Sanctum without catching the attention of the other goblins.

So, want to rescue Liam and maybe gain a new ally in Baldur’s Gate 3? This guide will show you how to save Liam in BG3 using different methods and skills.

Where to Find Liam in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Shattered Sanctum is a goblin hideout that’s as menacing as it sounds. Nestled in the eastern part of the goblin camp, this fortress is a maze of rooms and levels, each with its own set of dangers and hidden treasures. You can stumble upon it by trekking through the Blighted Village or, if you’re feeling adventurous, by uncovering a secret passage in the Underdark.

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Liam is tied up to rack.

Now, your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to rescue Liam, who’s in a bit of a pickle in the torture chamber on the ground floor. To get to him, head east right after walking through the main doors. That’s where you’ll run into True Soul Gut, a goblin big shot who’s busy summoning something you probably don’t want to meet. You’ve got a few options here: throw down and fight, tiptoe around him, or use your silver tongue to convince him to let you by. Get past him, and you’ll spot the door to the torture chamber on your right. Inside, it’s a pretty grim scene. Liam’s there, tied up to a rack, with Torturer Spike and his sidekick giving him a really hard time.

How to Save Liam in BG3

Save Liam - BG3 Guide

Once you find Liam, you will have to deal with Torturer Spike, the goblin who is in charge of interrogating him. The Spike is a tough opponent who has a Mark of the Absolute, a symbol that grants him enhanced abilities and resistance to damage. He also has a goblin assistant who will help him in combat. You can free the poor guy by using one of the following ways:

Persuade Torturer Spike to Leave

Having dialogues with Torturer Spike

The easiest and safest way to save Liam is to persuade Torturer Spike to leave him alone. You can do this by using your skills and abilities to convince him that you are taking over the interrogation, that you are sent by his boss, or that you are a threat to him. You will have to pass the necessary checks in your dialogues, depending on the option you choose.

  • [Illithid] [Wisdom] Leave, both of you. This option uses your Tadpole powers to intimidate Torturer Spike and his assistant. You will have to pass a Wisdom check with a Difficulty Class (DC) of 10. This is the simplest and most effective option, but you have to use tadpole, which may have negative consequences later on.
  • [Deception] Go have yourselves a drink. Your boss sent me to relieve you. This option uses your deception skills to trick Torturer Spike and his assistant into thinking that you are sent by their boss, Minthara, a drow leader who is in charge of the goblin camp. You will have to pass a Deception check with a DC of 13. If you don’t succeed here, you will have another chance to persuade Torturer Spike with a different option.
  • [Performance] I’m taking over. Your sloppy handiwork is going to kill the prisoner too quickly. This dialogue uses your performance skills to mock Torturer Spike and his assistant for their incompetence and take over the interrogation. You will have to pass a Performance check with a DC of 14. However, it’s not the best option to use, as it leads to torturing Liam and results in revealing the Druid Grove location to Spike. This will make Liam angry and distrustful of you, and it will also alert the goblins to Grove, which may have dire consequences later on.
  • [Detect Thoughts] Read the goblin’s thoughts. This option uses your detect thoughts ability to read Torturer Spike’s mind and learn his fears and motivations. You will learn that Torturer Spike is shaking in his boots over what Minthara might do to him if he doesn’t get Liam to spill the beans. This little nugget of info gives you a pretty slick option. You can step up and say, “How about I take over? Unless, of course, you’re looking forward to explaining your failures to the drow.” And guess what? That’s enough to send Spike packing.

If you manage to talk Torturer Spike into leaving, he’s going to skulk off to another room. There, he’s just gonna stand around and watch Abdirak, who’s in a bit of a bind himself, being poked and prodded by a goblin alchemist. Now, with Spike out of the picture, you can then free Liam from the rack by using the [Sleight of Hand] option. You will have to pass a Sleight of Hand check with a DC 10 – if you fail, you can try again until you succeed.

Fight Torturer Spike and His Assistant

The second approach is to fight Torturer Spike and his assistant goblins. This route is straight-up bold and comes with its fair share of risks. Because as soon as you throw the first punch, you’re ringing the dinner bell for every goblin in the Shattered Sanctum; you’re inviting a full-blown brawl that could pull in more goblins than you bargained for. Going toe-to-toe with these goblins is not a good idea because it could lead to a domino effect, dragging you into a bigger mess with the rest of the Sanctum.

Ask Liam for Information After Saving Him

Questioning Liam for Information

Once you’ve got Liam out of that nasty situation, you can have a chat with him to ask him about the details. He’s got some bits and pieces about Halsin who now has been transformed into a bear and where the Nightsong might be available that’s hidden somewhere under the temple. Make sure you talk him up thoroughly—go through all the dialogue options. There’s a chance to pass on some of what he tells you to leader Minthara, especially if you’re thinking about spilling the beans on the Druid’s Grove. He will also tell you that Halsin got captured and after telling the information, he’ll leave the place.