Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Take Raphael’s Deal in BG3?

Raphael seems a bit sketchy in BG3, but he's also making some good promises. Let's break down the good and bad sides of agreeing to his offer.

By GamesRecon

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you’re faced with this very intriguing choice. Raphael, this devil character, comes up to you with an offer. He’s like, “Hey, I’ll give you the awesome weapon, and I’ll help you free Orpheus.” Orpheus is the key guy who can sort out the Illithid parasite problem. But Raphael in BG3 wants the Crown of Karsus in return that controls the Elder Brain, the huge monster that’s a big threat to Baldur’s Gate. So, do you accept Raphael’s deal or refuse it?

What Happens If You Accept Raphael’s Deal in Baldur’s Gate 3?

You will get legendary Orphic Hammer to free Orpheus by accepting Raphael’s Deal along with other consequences.

First, you get your hands on the legendary Orphic Hammer – it packs a serious punch, deals massive damage, and comes with some great special effects. Furthermore, it has its own battle music in Act 3, which is honestly one of the amazing parts. Another good advantage is befriending Orpheus – by accepting Raphael’s deal, you can free this mysterious character from his prison.

You get to uncover all sorts of secrets about his past and how he’s connected to you and he’s got your back with the Illithid parasite issue. He’ll offer advice and might even hand over some useful items to help you out. Another benefit is that you can dodge some nasty consequences, more importantly, the deal with the Elder Brain trying to wreck the world.

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But on the other hand, you must give up the Crown of Karsus which is very crucial for your quest and unlocking new game areas. Moreover, it holds sentimental value for some of your buddies like Gale or Tav. There’s also the contract with Raphael that isn’t an average pinky promise – it’s a full-blown devil’s contract.

Raphael gets the green light to track you down and haunt you throughout your journey. And trust me, he’s not above pulling some sneaky tricks to get you to break your word. Choosing Raphael’s path can also mean you’ll miss out on different endings or side quests. Like, there’s a scenario at Sharess’ Caress brothel on Wyrm’s Crossing.

What Happens If You Reject Raphael’s Deal in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Raphael is getting angry after the deal rejection.

By rejecting his deal, you will keep your freedom and integrity intact; there’s something very satisfying about not making a deal with the devil. It’s like saying, “Nope, I’m doing this my way.” Although Raphael refuses to hand over the weapon, you can still free Orpheus by getting the Orphic Hammer in another way without betraying your principles or anyone else.

By saying no to Raphael, you’re also steering clear of owing him anything – he won’t have any leverage over you, which is a major benefit. But, be warned – Raphael’s not the guy to take rejection lightly. He might try some sneaky blackmail tactics or even try to harm you if he finds out you turned him down. If you refuse him there and later decide to break into his house in the House of Hope to obtain the legendary hammer. He will be there waiting for you so before entering his home, you better come prepared. That devil will not let you waltz out of there with the hammer. It’s going to be a tough fight, so make sure you’re ready for anything he throws at you.

You can also align with The Emperor, and to do this, you need to deliver him three Netherstones. And the payoff? If you manage to get those stones to him, you’ll get his support in the end chapters of the game.

Of course, you do miss out on the perks of Raphael’s deal, like getting your hands on the Orphic Hammer the easy way and having Orpheus by your side from the get-go. Further, breaking into his house is no walk in the park. Also, your decision might not sit well with everyone. Some characters, like Gale, might think you’re being too cautious or even foolish for not taking Raphael’s offer. But if you’re having second thoughts about the “going against Raphael” plan, there’s always a Plan B. You can go back to Sharess’ Caress brothel whenever you want after the rejection and strike a deal with him after all.

Should You Take Raphael’s Deal or Not in BG3?

The choices to select by either accepting or refusing Raphael’s deal.

Rejecting the Raphael’s deal in Baldur’s Gate 3 is generally the better choice, whether you do it right off the bat or by destroying the contract later. If you turn him down from the start, you will not face any bad consequences after that. Furthermore, it keeps different good Baldur’s Gate 3 endings open for you, and thankfully, all of your companions will be happy with your decision – it’s a win-win.

But if you decide to stick with Raphael’s contract until the end, things get a bit dicey; it locks you into a pretty bad outcome. Raphael’s not exactly a sharing or caring person; he is only looking for power. By the end of it, he’s gearing up to take over not just a city, but the completely known game’s world.

The best thing about BG3 is that you’re totally in control, you can choose whether to work with Raphael or not. His deal is very flexible – If you reject him, that’s the one suitable decision for me. But even after that, you can still visit his house and collect all the amazing rewards inside, which is always a bonus.

For players who are going through the game with an evil character, you may want to team up with Raphael and see what comes ahead. But for everyone else, it’s probably best to keep yourself out of that collaboration. It’s all about how you want to play the game and what kind of story you want to tell. What’s your style – are you going to befriend Raphael, or go your own positive way?