Alan Wake 2: How to Solve the Sheriff Station Cult Stash Combination Lock Code

Crack the secret code and uncover hidden treasures.

By GamesRecon

As you wander through the fog-drenched streets and shadowy forests in Alan Wake 2, you’ll stumble upon various hidden treasures known as cult stashes. These stashes are like the game’s little nods to the curious and the brave, packed with items that can make your journey a tad easier and a lot more interesting. Among these stashes, there’s one that stands out — tucked away within the not-so-cozy confines of the Bright Falls Sheriff Station.

Why does it stand out, you ask? Well, it harbors a special item that’s not just another run-of-the-mill piece of equipment. This item holds the key (quite literally) to unlocking an entirely new location for you to explore. So, in the spirit of adventure and a bit of mystery-solving, we’re going to discuss how you can open the Sheriff Station cult stash by solving the combination lock code in Alan Wake 2. And of course, we’ll talk about the treasures that await you inside. Whether you’re here for the loot or the lore, you won’t be disappointed.

Where to Find the Bright Falls Sheriff Station Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 Bright Falls Sheriff Station Cult Stash Location

First up, you need to be playing as Saga, and wandering around Bright Falls, soaking in the eerie vibes and probably jumping at shadows. But you need to make it to chapter six, aptly named “Scratch.” You’ll need a special tool to get into where the stash is hidden: Bolt Cutters. Because what’s a hidden stash if you don’t need to break in a little to reach it? Now, you don’t just find Bolt Cutters lying around in a place like Bright Falls, but you’ve got to earn them. They’re a part of the storyline, so pay attention during your trip to the Valhalla Nursing Home in chapter five, “Old Gods.”

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Once you’ve got your hands on those cutters (and probably sighed in relief because they’re pretty handy), you can head back to the sheriff’s station. But it’s not a simple walk in the park. The place is crawling with Taken, and these aren’t your garden-variety shadows. They have taken over the station and injured FBC agent Kiran Estevez. So, you know, just another day in Bright Falls.

After you’ve finished your matters with those Taken and saved Estevez, you need to have a conversation with her. She’s got the lowdown on what’s happening and where to find Alan Wake. But the power’s out, and you need it back on to get to the holding cells and, ultimately, to Wake. She hands you the key to the morgue because, naturally, that’s where you need to go to get the power back on. It’s all very logical in a Bright Falls kind of way.

Go to the far end of the station and keep an eye out for the door with the staircase behind it—that’s your way down to where your desired location is. Reach the bottom using those stairs and move towards the right. Look for the blue door; there is a locked gate guarding the evidence room behind it. Whip out those Bolt Cutters you got earlier and give that padlock a snip to open the locked door. Once inside, you will spot the stash sitting at the other end of the room waiting for you to claim it.

How to Solve the Sheriff Station Cult Stash Combination Lock Code?

Paper with a secret code on the Sheriff Station cult stash.

Before you start worrying about having to crack some Da Vinci Code-level puzzle, let me stop you right there. This puzzle is more like a “Remember how to count?” kind of deal. Seriously, you’ve got this. Attached to the top of the stash box, you’ll find a piece of paper that looks like it was drawn by someone during a particularly boring phone call. We’re talking basic shapes here: a triangle with a line through it, a hexagon, and a straight line. Alongside these doodles, there’s a number one written next to the first line; it’s your cue to unlock that stash.

The puzzle is all about counting lines. The straight line only consists of one simple line so its number is one. Next up, we’ve got our triangle with a line through it. Count those lines, and you’ll find it has four. And the hexagon, that six-sided shape we all learned about in school? Yes, it’s made up of six lines. Put it all together, and you’ve got yourself the padlock code: 1-4-6. With that, you can easily open the cult stash to have a look into it and that’s it, no need for a magnifying glass or a detective’s hat (though, feel free to wear one if it makes you feel more the part).

What are the Rewards Inside the Sheriff Station Cult Stash?

Rewards Inside the Alan Wake 2 Sheriff Station Cult Stash

Inside the stash, you will find a rocket flare and a flashbang. Now, before you shrug these off as your everyday, run-of-the-mill tools, remember we’re in Bright Falls. In this place, a little light can mean the difference between making it out or becoming part of the Taken’s shadowy fan club. Picture this: you’re surrounded, things are looking grim, and by using the rocket flare, you light up the night sky (or, more accurately, the dark, creepy corridor ahead of you). Not only does it blind your enemies, but hits them just right, and you’re looking at an instant Taken barbecue – it’s pretty spectacular. Alternatively, toss one of the flashbangs into an enemy crowd, and you’ve got yourself a window of opportunity to either make a break for it or go on the offensive.

But there’s more inside, you also find a key to the lighthouse in Watery. If you’ve been around Bright Falls, you might’ve noticed the lighthouse, standing all mysterious and locked up. Turns out, the key to unlocking its secrets has been sitting in the sheriff’s station this whole time. I haven’t ventured to the lighthouse myself yet, but the anticipation is killing me. What’s in there? More loot? A hidden storyline? A boss fight that’ll make me wish I had ten more rocket flares? Whatever it is, it’s bound to be good. Or at least, it better be after all this effort. Bright Falls is full of surprises, and we’ve just unlocked another piece of the puzzle.