How to Unlock the Parking Lot Gate in Alan Wake 2

Here's how to complete the murder investigation and get the key to the parking lot gate in Alan Wake 2.

By GamesRecon

While playing Alan Wake 2, you might come across the parking lot gate at the start of the game and might wonder how to unlock it. This look door is your entry (pun intended) to a parking area close to some spooky woods – the same woods where the creepy murder happened. To unlock it, you gotta obtain a key from Sheriff Thornton but it’s not as simple as just asking him. You need to get it by playing detective first.

Alan Wake 2: How to Unlock the Parking Lot Gate

The game throws you into this murder investigation mini-game; it’s like your own personal episode of CSI: Bright Falls. You should gather clues, analyze evidence, and have chats with witnesses. Your Mind place ability also comes into play here, it’s a mental space where you can organize your thoughts and, more importantly, access your Case board. There, you add clues and link them together to piece together what went down.

To complete the murder investigation, follow these steps:

  1. First, team up with Casey, an FBI agent, and head over to the murder site behind the general store near Cauldron Lake. Once there, check out the body to find your first clue – a key image. Get into your Mind place and put that image onto your Case board.
  2. Give the corpse another once-over, your purpose is to look for more details like who the victim was, how they died, and when. Each piece of info you find goes straight onto your Case board.
  3. Now, play a little game of I Spy around the murder site and nearby areas. You’re on the hunt for anything odd – blood pools, footprints, a random tripod, and a blue container. Each clue you find? You guessed it, it goes on the Case board.
  4. Have a chat with Deputy Thornton, who’s keeping watch over the murder scene. He’ll dish out some dirt on the victim and the town, and hand over the area’s map – jackpot, another clue. Don’t forget to finish all the chit-chat options with Casey too as he’ll hand over a photo of the victim.
  5. With all these new clues, head back to your Case board. You’ll notice some previously locked clues are now fair game. Add these to the board, and then click on the last yellow card. This triggers a cutscene that’s like a window into the killer’s mind.
  6. Post-vision, regroup with Casey and decide to check out the lake spot. Head to the Witch’s Ladle with Casey and examine a large tree. Here, you’ll find a symbol carved into it – another clue for your collection.
  7. Back to the Mind place and this time, you’re using the Profiling table, a feature that lets you reconstruct the crime scene and build a profile of the killer. Click on a new yellow card here for another vision, the murderer hints that he left something in the victim’s chest.
  8. Investigate the chest of the victim by returning to the scene of the crime. In a note containing a riddle, you might discover a hint. Get the next clue—the whereabouts of a cabin in the woods—by solving the puzzle.

After all that, you’ve wrapped up the murder investigation. The body gets shipped off to the morgue, and it’s time to revisit the murder site. Here, Sheriff Thornton will have some talk with you and finally hand over the key to the parking lot gate. He mentions it’s a shortcut to the cabin. Use this key, and the gate opens, and you’re on your way.

So, there you have it – your guide to unlocking the parking lot gate in Alan Wake 2. Keep those wits sharp, detective!