A Plague Tale: Requiem Under a New Sun Walkthrough

Get the hang of all the game mechanics before you continue your journey ahead.

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Under a New Sun is the first chapter in A Plague Tale: Requiem. It’s a great adventure with lots of danger, stealth, and heartfelt moments. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the chapter step by step, and give you tips and strategies to help you go through the challenges and continue your game journey ahead.

A Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 1 ‘Under a New Sun’ Walkthrough

In A Plague Tale: Requiem, Chapter 1 “Under a New Sun,” you start with a cutscene where Amicia and Hugo are running and Lucas is chasing them. They stop in front of the tower and talk for a while.

Follwoing King Hugo using sprint.

It’s the start of this chapter – follow King Hugo as he leads the way down the hillside towards a majestic castle. Press RT as shown by the prompt to sprint to keep up with the fast-running Hugo. This segment lets you get the hang of the controls without any immediate threats.

Hide from Lucas the Perfidious

Playing hide and seek and hides behind the wall with Hugo.

Your first task here is the hide-and-seek game. Lucas will start counting to 10 and you have to hide with Hugo until he starts looking for you. Use any cover there such as a ruins wall as far as you are not visible to Lucas. Go behind the wall and press the B key to crouch. Continue waking behind the wall while in a crouch position to keep yourself away from Lucas.

Sacred Lucas by silently approached from behind.

After a while, Hugo suggests you sneak behind and scare him. So, approach Lucas silently and once you are close enough, hit the X key to scare him. It will end the task – then you and Hugo will have to move towards the castle and Lucas goes back to study to become an alchemist.

Defend King Hugo’s Kingdom

Using sling to shoot the canes in the water.

You both wander through some ruins until you reach a river and you will come across a log by the river. Hugo throws pinecones into the river and wants you, Amicia, to shoot them. It’s your chance to perfect your slingshot skills, and there’s even a trophy in it for you – the Perfect Shot trophy. It’s about holding down the aim button (L2/LT on consoles) and the shoot button (R2/RT) to perfectly use the sling.

After a bit, Tonin joins the scene and requests to play alongside. Keep shooting the cones before they disappear in the water. Then, there’s a cutscene in which Tonin throws a cannonball (a big rock) into the river and then leaves. It’s the end of kingdom war and you will receive the trophy. Up next, keep going the path alongside the river and follow the prompts that appear on the screen.

Approach the Castle

Entering castle by the narrow wooden entry.

Along the way, use the A and B keys as prompted where necessary to climb and crouch and get through the obstacles. As you approach the castle, you will find the main entrance is locked, but there’s a small gap through a broken wooden entry on the left enough to for a person to cross. Get through and climb the dark stairs inside. Upon reaching the top, the floor collapses dropping you into a hidden area.

Encounter with the Beekeeper

Encountering the angry masked beekeeper.

After leaving through the door at the right in the room’s end, you’ll find yourself in an open place with a field of burned beehives. Move towards the left and climb down to the below ground. Here, the game ramps up the tension with the introduction of a masked antagonist, the beekeeper. He’s not here for a friendly chat; he wants to kill you by considering you as thieves. Since Amicia can’t defeat him in a face-to-face encounter, running is your only option.

Hidden in the tall grass using crouch after leaving the castle.

The door at the front is locked, so climb through the little wall on the right and keep running. After getting past the narrow space, you will leave the castle and get yourself hidden in the tall grass using a crouch. Don’t make any movements and remain silent when they talk with each other and do their things.

Stealth and Distraction with Rocks

Sneakily walking in the cover of grass.

Continue your stealthy escape by moving from one patch of tall grass to another. When the area is clear, head towards the house on the right. Climbing through the window and leaving the door there will bring you to the other side where you’ll have another tutorial on using rocks to distract enemies.

Throwing a rock at the tools crate to distract the enemy.

Hold LT and aim at the tools crate and then press the RT key to throw the rock to generate a noise and distract the nearby enemies. Use this tactic to sneak past guards and climb up to higher ledges.

Using Pots to Lure Enemies

Completing the tutorial of using posts to distract enemies.

Further along, you’ll find a tutorial about how to use Pots to distract enemies in A Plague Tale: Requiem. Select a Pot from your inventory and throw it to lure enemies away from your route. This technique is crucial for going through areas with a lot of enemies if you don’t want to fight.

Hugo is crawling through the small gap on the other side to open locked door.

Next, you’ll come across a locked door with a small gap beside it. Command Hugo to crawl through the gap by following the on-screen prompts and using specific keys. He’ll unlock the door for you, use some force to open it, and keep going ahead.

Rushing will often lead to getting caught. Take your time, observe enemy patterns, and move when it’s safe.

Hugo’s Dream

Hugo in his dream at the area filled with flowers and a big tree at the front.

Up next, there will be a slow-motion scenario where you will have a fight with two guys and it will let Hugo enter the dream. He awakens on a beach, following a phoenix through a stunning dreamlike landscape on the beach. Hugo will come across a land filled with flowers and a big tree at the far. Here, he will have some strange disease and will be in a dying condition but as soon as he reaches the water in front of the tree, he will recover and it will end the dream.

Final Battle with Sling

All the family moving in a cart.

Then, the game returns to reality where the family is traveling by cart. Out of nowhere, you’re suddenly ambushed by bad guys, and it’s time to use your stealth skills once again. Hide in the tall grass and sneak through it and nearby houses, using distractions to stay out of sight.

Using sling to shoot and kill enemies.

But then the enemies set the grass on fire, forcing you to dash toward a house at the end. From this building, you’ll find a way out through a collapsing roof. Here, you’ll learn to confront and defeat enemies with your Sling, targeting those without helmets.

Saving Beatrice who is held hostage by an enemy.

The climax of this chapter, Under a New Sun in A Plague Tale: Requiem, has an enemy threatening your mother, Beatrice. With a well-aimed shot from your Sling, you can take him down, ending chapter 1 with a thrilling cutscene.

Tips for Success

  1. Stay Alert: Always keep an eye on your surroundings. Knowing enemy movements and the environment is crucial for survival.
  2. Use Distractions Wisely: Items like rocks and pots are your best sources. Use them to create noise and lead enemies away, clearing a path for a safe escape.
  3. Follow Prompts: Pay close attention to on-screen prompts as they introduce new mechanics and interactions. These guides will help you through challenging sections and make you a pro at the game.
  4. Be Patient: Stealth requires patience. Moving too quickly or recklessly often gets you caught. Take your time and move carefully from one cover to the next.

Chapter 1 of A Plague Tale: Requiem is a brilliant introduction to the game’s mechanics and storytelling. By following this guide, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle the challenges ahead and fully enjoy yourself in the emotional journey of Amicia and Hugo.

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