A Plague Tale: Requiem Best Upgrades You Should Get First

You shouldn't miss out these early upgrades to survive more easily.

By GamesRecon

A Plague Tale: Requiem allows players to improve Amicia’s stealth and battle skills through many gear upgrades. Your playing style greatly impacts the upgrades you would like to obtain. Although, there are some A Plague Tale: Requiem best upgrades that you need to get at the beginning of your game journey. These will lessen the game’s complexity and give a more amazing gameplay experience.

There are several items and weapons upgrades in APL Requiem. However, with the availability of different types, it can be challenging to choose where to put your hard-earned wealth first. In this guide, we have compiled a list of what we think are the best upgrades in A Plague Tale: Requiem, so you don’t have to search aimlessly.

A Plague Tale: Requiem Best Upgrades

You will have to collect pieces and tools to make those enhancements a reality – you can find these items all across the game’s world. To make it easy for you, the pieces resemble tiny brown sacks, and the tools mimic small objects covered in cloth. Every chapter requires exploration, but the stealth and fighting sections require even more. There are often many structures and crates with important alchemy substances and desired pieces or tools.

After you have collected enough amount of these tools and pieces, you should now find the workbench. Same as materials, you can locate workbenches anywhere in the game. Though, below are a few of the best upgrades in A Plague Tale: Requiem you can find and build in your early game’s journey.

Flexible Limb

The crossbow is great if you want to go with a more offensive approach because it is Amicia’s most potent weapon. In light of this, it’s wise to fork over some bucks for better crossbows. With this improvement, you can now reload the crossbow in a fraction of the time it takes in a normal situation.

Reinforced Bolts

The Reinforced Bolts upgrade is one of the best here since it allows you to retrieve the bolts from your crossbow after they have been blasted. The ability to reclaim spent bolts from fallen opponents effectively grants you an unlimited supply of them. The ability to retrieve bolts is crucial while fighting many enemies, so make sure to get this ability earlier.

Bottomless Bag

With the Bottomless Bag, Amicia’s equipment can improve a lot. The enhancement is entirely beneficial, allowing Amicia to keep more alchemical items. It will guarantee that you never find yourself in a position where you don’t have access to the materials you need at the time. Holding a larger supply of alchemical materials is a nice perk that makes it easier to go around.

Softened Cords

Even though you acquire deadly weapons to take down your enemies, using a sling is always the best approach to confuse your enemies. Softened Cords reduce the noise of the sling, which makes you more stealthy in the fight. You probably already know that the noise made by the sling alerts opponents to your location. This upgrade eliminates that negative part, allowing you to overcome a large number of enemies with ease without drawing their attention. Due to this, we suggest upgrading your sling with Softened Cords.

Double Cradle

Amicia can fire her sling twice before needing to reload, thanks to Double Cradle. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter a growing number of enemy squads that charge you in groups; thus, getting this upgrade becomes crucial. You can quickly eliminate attackers when you don’t have to reload between shots. It’s important to remember that Requiem armored enemies are immune to this effect, requiring you to remove them before trying this.

Hidden Pockets

Despite being one of the more affordable options, this A Plague Tale: Requiem upgrade is still rather valuable. Because of the value, it adds, the Hidden Pockets warrant some attention. Amicia is now able to store more of her alchemical ammunition. Because of this, you can gather as many items as you like without running out of space.

Unbreakable Tool

Finally, by picking the Unbreakable Tool, you can improve Amicia’s gear to the next level without worrying about having Tools on hand. When you are not limited by time because of no need for tools, you can upgrade whenever you like, which is exceptionally convenient and usually results in more frequent upgrades. Tools are surprisingly hard to come by throughout the game – this upgrade is necessary for this reason.

That’s all in this guide about A Plague Tale Requiem’s best upgrades. These fine enhancements in the game allow you to give Amicia more strength, more ammo, and a better chance to survive intense battles. Moreover, you can also check out the game’s all chapters list and how to raise skills in A Plague Tale: Requiem.