Can You Kill Rats in A Plague Tale: Requiem?

There are many more this time around.

By GamesRecon

In A Plague Tale: Requiem, you’ll face even more rats than in the first game, A Plague Tale: Innocence. These creatures are seriously dangerous, and if Amicia and Hugo stay in the dark for too long, the rats will attack, leading to a pretty quick and grisly end. But the rats aren’t just a threat; they can also be very useful. They play a dual role in the game, acting both as something you need to dodge and something you can use to your advantage. You’ll continuously try to think of ways to get through the swarms and look for the chances you can use them to help you out.

Now, with all Amicia’s weapons in Requiem, you might wonder if you can kill the rats. She is much better armed this time, though, carrying a knife, a crossbow, and her favored sling. As effective as they are at dealing with human enemies, they won’t help one bit with the rats.

Can You Kill Rats Horde in A Plague Tale: Requiem?

Killing massive groups of rats is the premise of A Plague Tale: Requiem; however, you can’t kill those rats. Like the previous title, you’ll mostly need to use a lot of stealth, puzzle-solving, and resource management while trying to traverse the rat-infested areas. The rats in Requiem seem more like an environmental hazard and resource you can use rather than outright enemies that you can just slaughter. Guess what? They hate light and fire. This is key to most of the challenges you’ll come across. Through Amicia’s slingshot, you manipulate the rats, with different kinds of ammo that can light or douse flame.

You can’t kill the rats outright, but you can manipulate them. Amicia can use light sources to make safe paths or craft special ammo to scare the rats away or lure them toward enemies. This kind of strategic use of your surroundings and resources is essential for surviving the rat swarms and making progress. Strategic use of your surroundings and resources is essential for surviving the rat swarms and making progress. As the story progresses, Hugo can control the rats a bit. It’s important not to kill them but to direct their movements, to clear paths, or to take out enemies by directing the rats toward them.

A Plague Tale: Requiem focuses on creating tension and horror, making you constantly feel the threat presented by rats. This is not an attempt to kill them but to survive and, if possible, use these creatures smartly when the player can. Thus, the gameplay stays within the limits of strategy and resourcefulness rather than fighting off the rats.

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