A Plague Tale: Requiem Skills System: How to Raise New Skills

Learn all about the A Plague Tale: Requiem skills system and how you can raise your skills.

By GamesRecon

A Plague Tale: Requiem is the latest entry in the best and most groundbreaking covert horror franchise from the Asobo Studio. This time, the developers have worked hard to level up the game’s mechanics by implementing a lot of new features. There are far more ways to improve Amicia’s fighting skills in Requiem than in the original game. When comparing this game to its predecessor, “A Plague Tale: Innocence,” among the most notable changes is the addition of a skill tree.

Players can raise three primary skills as they advance through the game. Gaining skill points isn’t the only method to progress in the new A Plague Tale: Requiem skills system because it learns from your play style. This guide will explain the fundamentals of the skill tree and how to raise/increase these skills.

A Plague Tale: Requiem Skills System

In A Plague Tale: Requiem, players don’t utilize skill points to level up their characters as they would in traditional role-playing or adventure titles; instead, their abilities grow dependent on what they do in the game. Players will grow in various skills depending on how they fare throughout the battles. The Requiem’s skill trees are divided into three categories:

  • Prudence
  • Aggressive
  • Opportunism

These skill trees roughly reflect three distinct gameplay approaches. Experience in playing defensively, offensively, or strategically increases in direct proportion to how often each of those play styles is employed. The Prudence skills will help you become more stealthy and increase your speed. Alternatively, Aggressive skills prioritize effective battle and weapon use. Lastly, Amicia’s Opportunism abilities pertain to her weaponry and assets at her disposal.

The difficulty arises from lacking numeric values or any advancement hints throughout this skill system. Hence, it’s hard to determine how much you can gain these skill points by putting in your effort in the game fights. The most important thing is that each conflict with enemies, be it in a stealthy part or a full-on brawl, will contribute to your skill level rise in total. After knowing this, let’s have a look at how to increase the skills in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Prudence Skills

A Plague Tale: Requiem Prudence Skills

In A Plague Tale: Requiem, stealth falls within Prudence skills. This skill tree increases as you win the fights without drawing attention to Amicia from the opposition. In this group, you can gain experience by sneaking past opponents and distracting/confusing them.

At its foundation, the Prudence skills provide benefits and enhancements that let you sneak through enemies, prevent direct conflict, and maneuver huge crowds without being noticed. This approach emphasizes timing attacks instead of mindlessly trying to eliminate or paralyze all foes.

Avoid drawing attention to yourself or getting caught if you want to level up quickly. It’s possible to progress in the Prudence tree even if you employ alchemy items to confuse enemies. However, remember that you should be covert and unnoticed while looking to raise the Prudence skill tree. The abilities that make up the Prudence category are:

  • Light Footstep: Amicia is more challenging to spot since she moves quietly without generating loud noise.
  • Nimbleness: Amicia can crouch more quickly than before since her improved stability allows her to do so.
  • Throwing Stance: Amicia has a more extended range for throwing objects.
  • Armour Piercer: Amicia can now backstab heavily armored foes easily because she knows where their weak defenses are.

Aggressive Skills

A Plague Tale: Requiem Aggressive Skills

Aggressive skills focus exclusively on direct combat with enemies. Rather than choosing a sneaky strategy, Amicia would be better served by engaging her attackers head-on and gaining new skills. These abilities boost your efficiency while using either severe or lethal weapons.

The fighting possibilities in Requiem are greatly expanded, allowing you to easily and quickly eliminate any opponent. You can use the crossbow or sling to blow your enemies dead or sneak up on them and strangle them. However, there are situations in which becoming aggressive is far riskier; for example, if many attackers unexpectedly surround Amicia. The Aggressive tree consists of the following skills:

  • Grappler: Amicia’s awareness of her environment allows her to execute devastating melee attacks by pushing her foes toward hazards like fire or rats.
  • Recovery: Amicia’s coolness under fire helps her heal more quickly after being hit.
  • Vital Points: Amicia has the skill to do extra harm to her opponents’ weak spots.
  • Quick Fingers: Amicia’s greater agility allows her to fire and reload her weapons more quickly.

Once Aggressiveness is maxed out, players receive the Fighter achievement.

Opportunism Skills

A Plague Tale: Requiem Opportunism Skills

To complete battles while using Opportunism skills, you must use alchemical tactics to beat your adversaries, making it the most paradoxical of the three. When it comes to using alchemy skills in A Plague Tale: Requiem, Opportunism is the most challenging skill tree to advance. Making your alchemy ammunition is only half the battle; the other half is executing it.

Like the Aggressive skills, this one emphasizes killing, but it focuses on killing in novel ways beyond the standard slingshot or crossbow. As you make your way through places teeming with enemies, you’ll come across a variety of items you can use to your advantage, such as tar jars that, when smashed with Ignifer, will cause a fire to break out or torches that, when doused with Extinguis, would cause rats to attack the adversary.

The rise of this skill level requires you to use alchemical to eliminate or confuse your foes. Never forget that you may lure rats to a specific location by using Odoris. To Extinguis the enemy’s torches, you can employ this strategy to deploy rats at critical points.

  • Alchemy Knowledge: Amicia can make alchemical ammunition more quickly.
  • Nothing Lost: When making alchemy weapons, Amicia spends fewer resources.
  • Material Division: Amicia collects components by making alchemical ammo, which requires greater attention to detail.
  • Pure Product: Once Amicia makes ammunition, she also produces another alchemical element.

That’s all from our side in this guide about increasing the skill trees in the game. Thanks to A Plague Tale: Requiem skills system, you may tailor Amicia’s stats and abilities to your preferred gameplay. With these improvements, Requiem has much more leeway regarding how battles and other actions can unfold. You can also read how to kill armored enemies in Requiem.