Where to Find Drill Waste Room Access Key in Starfield

Find the Drill Waste Room Access Key in Starfield by helping Percival in the Delivering Devils mission.

By GamesRecon

If you’re playing Starfield and have come across the locked Drill Waste Room in the Abandoned Mines on Mars, you’re probably wondering how to get inside through this locked entry. Well, the key to this room is obtained during the Delivering Devils faction mission for the UC Vanguard. This guide tells you how to get your hands on this Drill Waste Room Access Key in Starfield.

Starfield Drill Waste Room Access Key Location

Starfield Sixth Circle Bar with Lou in the bar in front.

During the Delivering Devils mission, you’ll need to speak with a few key characters to progress the story and eventually get the key. First, head to the Trade Authority and ask about Percival. From there, make your way to the Sixth Circle Bar where you’ll come across the miners. Speak with Lou, the bartender, and he will ask you a few questions. Once you have successfully answered all of them, Lou will reveal that Percival has some debt to clear with the Trade Authority. You’ll have three options to help Percival out:

  1. Pay off Percival’s debt yourself (costs a hefty 21,867 credits!)
  2. Sneak into the Trade Authority and change the debt amount using a key you pickpocket from Oktai or your lockpicking skills. Change the debt amount to 500 or 1000 credits on the computer using the Account Override Tool.
  3. Kill the Spacer Leader in the Deep Mines for Cambridge and clear Percival’s debt that way.

Starfield Delivering Devils - Lou is telling about the Percival whereabouts in Red Devils HQ.

Whichever option you choose, once Percival’s debt is cleared, return to Lou Saavedra. He’ll be grateful for your help and reward you with the Drill Waste Room Access Key, along with 500 credits and some extra information about Percival’s whereabouts in Red Devils HQ. He will also tell you the passcode which is required to access the area where Percival is hidden.

Starfield Delivering Devils - Talking with Percival.

With the key in hand, fast travel to the Deep Mines Employee Entrance. Make your way through the Drill Waste Room, across walkways, and into a cavern. In there, you’ll discover Percival is there in a secret Microbiological Laboratory. Talk to him to finish the quest and earn yourself these rewards:

  • 250 XP
  • 12,300 Credits
  • Unlocking the next quest in the UC Vanguard storyline, Eyewitness

So there you have it – the Starfield Drill Waste Room Access Key is a must item to obtain to complete the Delivering Devils questline. Just follow these steps, help Percival out, and Lou will give you the key you need to unlock this mysterious room on Mars.

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