Starfield: How to Complete the Distilling Confidence Mission

Brew up success in New Atlantis.

By GamesRecon

When wandering the bustling streets of New Atlantis, you’ve probably realized it’s not just about the grand cosmic adventures or aligning with the major factions like Constellation or the UC. But the usual people you bump into who make this galaxy feel alive. One such individual is Nyssa, a bartender with a dream and a problem. She’s tucked away in The Viewport Tavern, right in the heart of the Spaceport region, and she has a mission for you that’s as intriguing as it is refreshing. The Distilling Confidence quest in Starfield is one of the side quests that’s going to take you from the cozy confines of a bar to the depths of storage rooms and beyond. This guide tells you how to complete this objective.

How to Complete the Starfield Distilling Confidence Mission

Starfield Distilling Confidence Details

After you’ve talked with Nyssa, the heart and soul behind The Viewport Tavern’s bar, it turns out she’s on the verge of mixing up something that could very well be the next big hit in New Atlantis. But, as is often the case with great endeavors, there’s a snag. Her secret sauce, the magic ingredient for her soon-to-be-famous drink, got taken by the authorities. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and I mean, why wouldn’t you?), is to play a bit of cosmic detective and liberator to get that package back to where it belongs.

The package is chilling in Storage Room A, which is sneakily hidden behind where your ship is parked. Getting in? Well, that’s where the fun begins. The door’s not going to open with a polite knock but you’ve got two options: sweet talk or tech hack.

Persuading Emin Macar

For the charm offensive approach, there’s a guy, Emin Macar, who’s the gatekeeper to your quest goal. He’s the one you need to convince that it’s in his best interest to let you into Storage Room A. If you’ve got the gift of gab, use it to persuade Emin to hand over access. If talking’s not your thing, or you just love the thrill of breaking codes, then hacking’s your route. Use a Digipick and get to work on a nearby computer. The best part is you don’t need to be a security guru to crack this one.

Picking the Nyssa's package

Once you’re past the door, keep your eyes peeled for a big yellow color container – that’s your target. Grabbing Nyssa’s package feels a bit like a treasure hunt, doesn’t it? With the required item in hand, it’s time to head back to Nyssa. Hand over that package to finish the Distilling Confidence in Starfield.