How to Get Tungsten in Starfield

You don't come across these items every day but these are vital for crafting advanced items and upgrading equipment.

By GamesRecon

If you want to craft some top-notch weapons, dive into cutting-edge research, or give your spaceship a killer upgrade, tungsten is one of your go-to metals like Platinum in Starfield. But the question is: how do you get this valuable item? Sadly, tungsten in Starfield isn’t just lying around everywhere but you need to put some effort and get to know where to look for it. You can mine these ores, buy them, or locate them while exploring various planets, moons, and even asteroids. This guide will tell everything and each way you need to know to obtain a bunch of tungsten for your builds.

How to Find or Mine Tungsten on Planets in Starfield

If you’re gearing up to mine some tungsten in Starfield, you’re in for an interesting space adventure. Tungsten, as you probably know, is very important for crafting, researching projects, and beefing up your gear. But not every planet is a goldmine for this material and you may find it hard to obtain.

Starfield Tungsten Voss Location

To find these planets using the scanner, only search for the (W) sign in the list of resources. The (W) represents the tungsten in Starfield, which is the chemical symbol for this ore. You can also use the galactic map interface – just hit R on your keyboard, and you’re on your way to locating planets that are rich in tungsten. Once you’ve picked your destination, it’s time to get your boots on the ground. Land on your chosen celestial body, and whip out your hand scanner. This little gadget will help you spot tungsten ores as you trek across the planet.

Once you have found a tungsten ore node, get up close and use your laser cutter – this tool is your key to extracting that precious metal. Zap the node, and you will collect the tungsten. You can check how much you’ve collected anytime by peeking at your inventory screen. If you want to speed up your mining game to get a lot of these ores, consider building a tungsten extractor. This handy device lets you mine multiple nodes simultaneously. Throw in some solar arrays for power and some storage containers for all that extra tungsten, and you’re in business.

Starfield Tungsten Farming Location in Alpha Centauri

So, below are the planets where you can find the tungsten:

  • Bondar: A cozy, rocky planet in the Alpha Centauri system; other than tungsten; you’ll find lead, nickel, and dysprosium here too.
  • Titan: This chilly moon of Saturn in our own Sol system has tungsten, plus lead, titanium, and tetrafluorides.
  • Pluto: It’s a dwarf planet at the edge of our solar system. Cold and low gravity, with a side of lead, titanium, and tetrafluorides.
  • Heilo and Thren: Both moons of Montara in the Cheyenne system, offering similar chilly vibes and resources.
  • Voss: Over in the Alpha Centauri system, this moon’s got a rocky desert climate and plenty of tungsten.

And there are places like Altair IV-c, Eridani VII-c, Jaffa VII-b, Jaffa I, Freya VII-a, Heisenberg II, Decaran III, and Maal VII – all with their unique climates and resources, but importantly, all with Starfield tungsten.

Where to Buy Tungsten in Starfield

If you prefer the convenience of buying over mining, there are some great places in the game where you can get this valuable resource from vendors, without having to get your space boots dirty. Tungsten is surprisingly affordable, it just costs 16 credits per piece. However, once you buy tungsten from a vendor, you’ve got to wait 24 hours before you can purchase more from the same place. If you come back and they’re not selling, rest for another day and try again.

Buying Tungsten in Starfield

So, where can you find these tungsten-selling vendors? Here is the lowdown:

  1. Jemison Mercantile: Head over to the spaceport area in New Atlantis on planet Jemison. Look for Amoli Bava – they’re the go-to person for tungsten here.
  2. UC Distribution Center: This one’s also in New Atlantis but in the Commercial District area on planet Jemison – Wes Teng is your guy for tungsten here.
  3. UC Exchange: It’s available on Mars in Cydonia, on the red planet itself, you’ll find another vendor ready to sell you some ores.
  4. Mining League Shop: If you find yourself in Neon on Volii Alpha in the Volii system, there’s a shop here where you can pick up tungsten.
  5. Trade Authorities: You can find them in different areas like The Den, Neon, Akila City, or Cydonia. Each place has a shop with tungsten.

Remember, patience is key since you might need to wait a bit between purchases. But with these locations in mind, you should be well on your way to stocking up on all the tungsten you need for your Starfield storyline.

Console Commands to Get Tungsten

Console commands are a good way to cheat or modify the game on PC versions of Starfield, these are not available on Xbox. Pressing the tilde (~) key opens the command console, where you can enter the code you wish to execute. But keep in mind that it will disable achievements once you carry out the commands.

The command to get the tungsten is player.additem [item id] [tungsten quantity]. Let’s say you need 10 tungsten, just type player.additem 0000556B 10, and you will receive 10 items in your inventory. This command is perfect for those moments when you’re out there making an outpost and suddenly realize you’re short on materials. Or maybe you just need a little extra but don’t want to overdo it. After all, you don’t want to be lugging around too much stuff if you’ve still got a lot of exploring to do.