How to Get or Farm Sealant in Starfield

Sealant is not always easy to find in plenty, but it's also not impossible when you know the ways.

By GamesRecon

From building your outposts to crafting those important mods, and even for some quests, Sealant in Starfield is the backbone of your build needs. But finding enough of this material can feel like searching for a needle in a cosmic haystack. So, let’s break down the best ways to get or farm Sealant in Starfield – once you know where to look, you’ll have a bunch of stock of this valuable item.

Buy from Vendors

The easiest way to get Sealant is to buy it from vendors who sell resources. You can find such retailers in major settlements and cities, such as New Atlantis, Akila City, and Neon. They usually have a good stock of Sealant, and it doesn’t cost much Credits. You can also use the ‘Wait’ function to pass two days and refresh their inventory, or visit other vendors in different locations.

Some of the vendors who sell this item are:

  • Outland, Jemison Mercantile, UC Distribution in New Atlantis
  • Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters, Newill’s Goods in Neon

Stores belonging to the Trade Authority may be found near any town in the game, and they sell Sealant as well. In addition to selling a broad range of things, these shops will even buy your looted or illegal stuff.

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Harvest from Organic Flora and Fauna

Another way to get Sealant is to search for organic flora and fauna that produce Sealant. First, grab your Scanner as it’s the device for tracking down these Sealant-rich lifeforms. But remember, not every plant or animal will cough up the goods, so you’ve got to know where to look.

Harvest Sealant from Flora and Fauna

Below are the hotspots for :

  1. Eos: Keep your eyes peeled for Fallen Star Palms; these are tall trees with bright yellow leaves, hard to miss in the tropical parts of Eos.
  2. Khyber: Here, you want to find Khyber Lilies; these are purple flowers that love hanging out near water. You’ll find them in the temperate zones.
  3. Rana: You should locate Rana Frogs on this planet; these little hoppers love the swampy areas and are a good bet in the humid regions.

And here’s a pro tip: Once you discover a planet teeming with these Sealant-giving wonders, set up an Outpost so you can have your fast-travel point there. Need more Sealant? Get back to your Outpost, and you’re in business for another new stock.

How to Farm Sealant in Starfield

Outposts are like your home away from home, or better yet, your personalized bases on different planets. Building them up is part of the fun – and yes, you’re going to need Sealant for that too. But your Outposts can actually become Sealant farms too. With Sealant, you build your Habitat, Workshop, and also the Greenhouse. But these modules are also working for you, slowly but surely churning out resources, including Sealant.

You can cultivate plants that produce Sealant in the Greenhouse, making it ideal for farming Sealant. You can play as a space gardener there, choosing which Sealant-producing plants to grow. Then, just come back every now and then to harvest your crop. The best part is that the more Greenhouses you build, the more Sealant you obtain.

Use Console Commands

For all PC gamers out there, you’ve also got a little trick up your sleeve for getting Sealant quickly and in big amounts in Starfield by using the console commands. To use commands, you need to press the tilde key (~) to open the console, and then type the command you want to use.

The console command to get Sealant in Starfield is: additem 000055CC (Value)

Simply change the [Amount] with however much Sealant you’re dreaming of. Say you want 100 Sealant, type additem 000055CC 100, and 100 Sealant right in your inventory.

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Using console commands can change how your game plays out, and will even put a pause on those in-game achievements.