How to Get or Farm Platinum in Starfield

In Starfield, you can refine your weapons with powerful upgrades by mining various materials, including platinum, on various planets.

By GamesRecon

If you’re on the hunt for Platinum in Starfield, you’re in luck because it’s pretty easy to get your hands on this valuable material. These are necessary items to craft weapon mods that can boost your firepower and accuracy in the fights. Whether you prefer to shoot fast, hit hard, or trigger quickly, you will need platinum to create the best weapon mods for your play style. Unlike some of the more exotic stuff out there, Platinum is readily available, and you’ve got a couple of options to obtain some for your crafting or research projects.

Where to Buy Platinum from Vendors in Starfield

Firstly, you can simply buy Platinum – it’s sold at many vendors across the universe, so you don’t have to go too far out of your way. Some of the best places to check out are big hubs like Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis, Midtown Minerals in Akila City, and Mining League in Neon. These spots usually have a good supply of them, and you can often buy as much as you need at a reasonable price.

The following are the all merchants where you can buy the Starfield Platinum:

  • Jemison Mercantile, New Atlantis
  • UC Distribution Center, New Atlantis
  • Trade Authority, Akila City
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon
  • Mining League, Neon
  • Clint’s Collectibles, Gagarin Landing
  • New Homestead Store, New Homestead
  • The Pit Stop, HopeTown
  • Jane’s Goods, Cydonia
  • Isra’s General Goods, The Key
  • Trade Authority, Neon Core
  • Trade Authority, Cydonia
  • Trade Authority, The Den
  • Trade Authority, The Key
  • Trade Authority, The Well

But keep in mind that the price and availability of Platinum can vary from vendor to vendor and over time. Sometimes, a shop might run low or even be out of the items, especially if it’s in high demand while the rates can also go up and down. So, it’s a smart move to shop around a bit, and like in the real world, you can compare prices at different vendors to see who’s got the best deal. You can also wait for them to restock their money and inventory by sleeping or waiting for a few days.

Buying or Mining Starfield Platinum

How to Mine Platinum on Planets in Starfield

Another way to get platinum is to mine it yourself on planets and moons that have platinum deposits. There are a total of 67 planets and moons out there in the Starfield galaxy where you can find this metal but not all of them are created equal. Take the Marduk system as an example. It’s got three spots – Marduk IX, Marduk IX-a, and Marduk IX-b1 – that are teeming with Platinum. But, these places are not exactly a walk in the park; there are extreme temperatures, nasty radiation, and some unfriendly locals if you catch my drift. So, you’ll need to beef up your spacesuit and load up on some serious weaponry to handle these challenges.

You can also find the best planets for resources in Starfield by using the scan feature effectively. Once you reach Rank 4, that skill will transform you into a space detective; nothing can evade you at this level. It will provide you with an in-depth overview of all the materials that are available and where to locate them. But the prospect of visiting each of the planets and moons can be daunting. Don’t fret, below is every place on the Planets with a bunch of Platinum:

Star System Planet(s)
Alchiba Alchiba III-c
Alpha Centauri Bondar
Altair Altair I
Archimedes Archimedes VI, Archimedes V-b, Archimedes I
Bannoc Bannoc II
Bardeen Bardeen V-c
Bel Bel IV-d
Bessel Bessel III-b
Beta Ternion Beta Ternion II
Bohr Bohr IV
Charybdis Charybdis VII-d, Charybdis VI
Cheyenne Stellis D
Enlil Enlil I
Eta Cassiopeia Cassiopeia IV-c, Cassiopeia II
Fermi Fermi VII-a
Foucault Foucault VII-b
Freya Freya IX-b
Hawking Hawking VI-b, Hawking VI-a
Heisenberg Heisenberg V
Hyla Hyla IV-a
Indum Indum IV-a
Kapteyn’s Star Kapteyn I
Kumasi Kumasi II
Lantana Lantana VIII-d, Lantana VIII-b
Leonis Leonis IV
Linnaeus Linnaues IV-a
Lunara Okoro Gamma
Maal Maal VII
Marduk Marduk IX-b, Marduk IX-a, Marduk IX, Marduk II
Masada Masada III
Muphrid Muphrid VIII-a
Newton Newton IV
Nikola Nikola VII-a
Oborum Prime Oborum II-a
Piazzi Piazzi II
Pyraas Pyraas IV
Rana Rana III
Rivera Rivera I, Rivera V-a
Rutherford Rutherford II
Shoza Shoza IV
Sparta Sparta V, Sparta VII-a
Syrma Syrma VII-a, Syrma VI-c, Syrma V, Syrma II
Tau Ceti Tau Ceti VIII-d, Tau Ceti V, Tau Ceti I
Verne Verne VI-a
Xi Ophiuchi Xi Ophiuchi VII-b, Xi Ophiuchi VI-d, Xi Ophiuchi V
Zelazny Zelazny VIII-c, Zelazny VII-b, Zelazny V
Zeta Ophiuchi Zeta Ophiuchi VI-c

Considering the Platinum mining, You will need three key things: a cutter, a scanner, and a jetpack. The cutter is your bread and butter for mining as it lets you break down the Platinum deposits and scoop up the items. The scanner points you to where the Platinum is located. And the jetpack will help you to zip around and reach those hard-to-get spots where the item is hidden.

You can grab these tools from shops, find them in loot crates, or if you’re feeling crafty, make them yourself. Remember, mining Platinum isn’t just about hacking away at rocks. It’s an adventure with its own set of risks, you’ve got to keep an eye on your oxygen level, stay healthy, and watch your inventory space.

How to Extract Platinum from Outposts

Extracting Platinum from Outposts

You can establish an outpost and mine for Platinum without ever leaving your ship. Outposts are structures you can build on any planet or moon that’s got resources for the taking. You get to play architect and customize your outpost with all sorts of stuff – power generators, storage containers, and the star of the show: resource extractors.

Resource extractors are your best items in this game, they’re robotic gadgets that do all the hard work for you, pulling ores, gases, and liquids right from the surface. You need to find a good spot for them with your scanner, preferably on a juicy vein of resources and set them up. For Platinum, specifically, you’ll need a Platinum Extractor. You can either buy one of these from vendors or, if you’re feeling crafty, make one yourself.

However, extracting Starfield Platinum has its ups and downs. On the bright side, it’s very efficient and convenient as you will get a steady flow of these useful materials coming in without lifting a finger. Further, you can upgrade your extractor to make it even more productive and hold more loot. But setting up an outpost can hit your cash very hard.

You’ve got to shell out a good chunk of change and a lot of power to get everything up and running. You also have to defend your outpost because there are enemies and environmental hazards to worry about, so it’s not just a “set it and forget it” kind of deal. So, extracting Platinum from outposts is a smart move if you’re into the more strategic and management side. It takes some investment and effort upfront, but once you’ve got it going, you can kick back and watch the Platinum roll in.