Starfield Breaking the Bank: Should You Kill Larry Dumbrosky or Not?

Larry's fate is in your hands.

By GamesRecon

Starfield is a wild ride with endless opportunities and just as many dangers lurking around every corner. And you’re about to face one of those big, game-changing decisions during the Breaking the Bank quest. There is one NPC Larry Dumbrosky, a bigwig at GalBank, who holds the key to valuable data that you want to get your hands on. The important question: do you let Larry live, or is it game over for him? This choice will have consequences for your character, your faction, and the world of Starfield. So, what should you do? Let’s find out.

The Consequences of Killing Larry Dumbrosky

Killing Larry Dumbrosky

What happens if you decide to take the “blast first, ask questions later” approach with Larry Dumbrosky? You may have done your job, and Larry’s no longer part of this universe. While you might feel like you’ve solved a problem and obtained the important intel, the game’s universe… well, it has a way of responding.

First off, the moment you kill Larry, the spaceship’s alarm kicks into overdrive. The ship crew turns on you faster than you can say “Oops.” Right now, you’ve got an all-out war on your hands, facing wave after relentless wave of enemies who are none too pleased with your decision. But that’s not all, if you thought the spaceship skirmish was the end of it, killing Larry earns you a VIP spot on the United Colonies’ most-wanted list. Being marked by the United Colonies adds a whole new layer of challenges to your space odyssey. So other than exploring; you’re dodging, weaving, and trying to keep a low profile in a universe that’s become a lot less friendly.

So, before you decide to pull the trigger (so to speak), remember the immediate chaos and the long-term game of interstellar hide-and-seek you’re signing up for. Murdering Larry Dumbrosky might seem like a quick fix, but in the grand scheme of the cosmos, it’s a decision that reverberates far beyond that one moment.

The Benefits of Sparing Larry Dumbrosky

Standing in front of Larry

But what happens if you decide to holster your weapon and spare our friend Larry Dumbrosky? It turns out that opting for a nice talk rather than aggressiveness is the better option there. Sparing Larry means instead of going in guns blazing, you’re engaging in a bit of space sleuthing, getting on friendly terms with characters like Klaudia Swist and Gabriel Vera. You will be able to get some information about Larry from them. Besides avoiding a full-on brawl and keeping your name off the most-wanted list, Larry spills the beans. He gives you the information you need, and you’re walking away from the ship with your mission intact and your head still firmly attached to your shoulders; it’s a win-win.

But it’s not just about getting what you need from Larry; it’s about what comes next. Leaving him alive keeps the storyline smooth and your interactions with the universe at large more manageable. Without the hassle of dodging bounty hunters and dealing with hostile factions, you’re free to explore, complete quests, and wander into the galaxy’s mysteries without looking over your shoulder. In essence, this approach opens up a path of less resistance, more strategy, and ultimately, a richer gameplay as you navigate the twists and turns of Starfield.

Should You Kill or Spare Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield?

Decide to Spare or Kill Larry Dumbrosky

On one hand, you’ve got the “quick fix” of sending Larry Dumbrosky on a one-way trip to the great beyond. On the other, there’s the option to take a step back, use your sweet words to convince him and keep the peace. It’s the classic dilemma: to kill Larry or not in Starfield? That’s the question.

Considerations for Killing Larry

Going down the path of least resistance (at least, initially) by choosing to eliminate Larry might seem appealing. You get a moment of satisfaction, perhaps some loot from the ensuing chaos, and you might feel like you’ve cut through a Gordian knot with a laser sword. But remember, this choice slaps a big, red target on your back. Suddenly, other than an explorer; you’re a fugitive, dodging the law and dealing with the consequences of your actions at every turn. Is it worth it? The choice is yours, but considering the big Starfield universe, there are plenty of other, less complicated ways to find loot and adventure without making enemies of the United Colonies. So, why go that way?

Reasons to Spare Larry

On the other side, going the route of keeping Larry alive is a smart move. It paves the way for a much smoother journey, all about negotiation and keeping things cool. Think about it: many quests are waiting for you after Breaking the Bank. So, choosing to spare Larry is kinda like choosing the path of least resistance. It means you won’t have to deal with the extra hassle of the United Colonies breathing down your neck. No bounties, no being wanted, no trouble. It keeps things simple and lets you focus on what’s ahead without the extra drama.

Remember, in Starfield, every choice sends out waves that touch every corner of the galaxy. Sure, showing Larry your power might seem like a quick fix, but what if letting him live unlocks paths and possibilities you hadn’t even considered and also keeps you safe in your adventure? Keeping Larry around might be the best choice to get fuller experience in Starfield, especially if you’re on the way to ace the Crimson Fleet questline without turning the galaxy into a thorn bush on your side.