Best Tips to Make Elden Ring Builds Efficiently

By GamesRecon

Are you ready to take your Elden Ring game to the next level? Making builds can be a great way to increase your character’s stats and give yourself an edge in challenging fights. We’ve put together some of the best tips to help you make Elden Ring builds, so you can start making your own custom characters and dominate any opponent. From choosing the right weapons and armor to planning out your stats and abilities, these tips will help you maximize your chances of success in Elden Ring.

1. Review the Stats Available

Before you can begin constructing the best builds for your character, it is important to understand all of the attributes available in Elden Ring. In this game, there are five primary stats: Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, and Faith. Each attribute specifies which kind of moves and abilities you will be specializing in when playing – so familiarizing yourself with them is essential.

2. Choose a Playstyle

The most important part of making an effective Elden Ring build is choosing a playstyle that fits your preferred character archetype. This involves things like assessing what weapon type and spells would work best with your character’s stats, as well as how much armor they should be wearing. To help narrow down the choices, consider how you want to approach combats in Elden Ring: Do you want to be up close and personal with high-damage attacks, or do you prefer ranged weapons?

3. Select Your Armor Set

Arming yourself correctly is also key when it comes to successful builds in Elden Ring. While there are many different types of armor sets available in the game, choose one based on the playstyle and stats you have chosen for yourself. For example, if you plan on going for a heavy attack build then look into armor sets that will bolster those attributes instead of ones that focus on defensive capabilities such as magic resistance or health regeneration bonuses.

4. Balance Your Stats Wisely

After deciding on your weapon type and armor set, it’s time to start balancing out your stats wisely. Put points into areas where they make sense – strength/agility/endurance if a melee-focused build – while still keeping them balanced enough so they are not being poured into just one area and leaving another dead weight unattended to. There is no right or wrong way but it’s always best practice to think at least two steps ahead while constructing each stat distribution point build; that way you can avoid any possible pitfalls down the line when progressing through tougher obstacles within the game itself.

5. Utilize Equipable Items Effectively

One powerful component of creating an effective Elden Ring build is equipable items – these items can drastically increase certain attributes depending on what kind is taken (elements & artifacts). Make sure not to overlook these important pieces of equipment as they can easily bridge any gap between ideal builds and what works at any given moment during battle scenarios or quests within the game itself! Try to mix equipable items into all strategies – this could mean taking Elemental Crystals with sturdiness-boosting gems for long-declared battles, or special Artifacts which give added resistance against certain enemy types!

6. Be Adaptive & Flexible

Lastly don’t forget about being adaptive when playing out battles and clashes within this game! No matter what characters enter battle against one another within Elden Ring, remember that good adaptability by quickly changing strategies is key; simply swapping equipment configurations might allow more advantageous opportunities during fights which could ultimately lead to victory over far more difficult foes than initially foreseen.

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