Street Fighter 6 Marisa Moves & Combos (Complete List)

Let's transform you into a mid-range maven!

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Since Capcom dropped the epic Street Fighter 6, we’ve been throwing punches, kicks, and super arts like there’s no tomorrow. And who’s at the center of our attention today? None other than the towering Italian gladiator, Marisa. She is your best bet for completely thrashing the opposition in close and midrange fights. While this character’s broad range of attacks and maneuvers may initially prove difficult to master, we assure you that you are not going anywhere else once you do.

In Street Fighter 6, Marisa is among the coolest characters to take into battle. She’s got charisma, she’s got muscle, and she’s an easy choice for all you keyboard warriors. Her basic attacks sync up with her Super Moves and Super Arts like a dream. It’s like Capcom coded her to be the ultimate combo machine.

But don’t get too comfy in your gaming chair just yet. Marisa got a move list longer than a Hadouken, and for some SF6 fanatics, that could be a bit of a brain-bender. You might be sitting there, controller in hand, thinking, “Which combo do I bust out next? How do I turn Marisa into the mid-range maven she was born to be?” Don’t worry; this guide breaks down the Street Fighter 6 Marisa moves and combos list. Here, we’ll look at her arsenal, evaluate her tactics, and teach you how to capitalize on her overpowering strength.

Street Fighter 6: All Combos and Moves List

New to the Street Fighter canon but already a fan favorite, Marisa is a welcome addition to the franchise. Nonetheless, it can be stressful to master an unfamiliar personality completely. But we promise not to leave you hanging. Marisa is an expert fighter who excels in both close and midrange combat, and she possesses a versatile arsenal of attacks that she can deploy in any situation. Because of the variety in her maneuvers, her opponents are never quite sure what to expect from her next move.

Street Fighter 6: All Marisa Combos and Moves List

Here’s how you can master Marisa’s moves and combos in Street Fighter 6:

Special Moves:

  • Gladius – You perform this move by pressing Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Punch. It’s a great tool to keep your opponents guessing.
  • Dimachaerus – This one’s a bit tricky. You need to press Down, Down/Back, Back + Punch, Forward + Punch. Practice this one, it’ll be worth it!
  • Phalanx – Here, you’ll need to go Forward, Down, Down/Forward + Punch. Keep this one in your arsenal for some quick damage.
  • Quadriga – Press Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Kick for this move. Got a foot fetish? This one’s for you!
  • Scutum – You’ll need to do Down, Down/Back, Back + Kick for this move. A solid defensive option that can quickly turn into an offensive one.
  • Tonitrus – This one’s a follow-up move for Scutum. Just hit Punch + Punch while using Scutum.
  • ProcellaKick while using Scutum for this move. Keep your opponent on their toes with this quick strike.
  • Enfold – While using Scutum near your opponent, use a Light Punch + Light Kick to perform this move. It’s a great way to keep your opponent in check.

Super Arts:

  • Javelin of Marisa – This one’s a bit of a finger twister. Down, Down/Forward, Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Punch. But trust me, it’s worth the effort!
  • MeteoriteDown, Down/Back, Back, Down, Down/Back, Back + Punch. Watch your opponents’ health bars vanish with this one!
  • Goddess of the HuntDown, Down/Forward, Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Kick. Unleash the goddess within Marisa and take control of the fight!

Unique Attacks:

  • Marisa Style – Just hold Heavy Punch or Heavy Kick. Show your opponent your style with this one!
  • Light Two HitterLight Punch + Light Punch. A quick one-two to keep your opponent guessing.
  • Medium Two HitterMedium Punch + Medium Punch. A bit slower, but a bit harder hitting.
  • Heavy Two HitterHeavy Punch + Heavy Punch. This one packs a punch, pun intended!
  • Volare ComboMedium Punch + Medium Punch (during a jump). Take to the skies with this combo!
  • Caelum ArcDown + Heavy Punch (during a neutral jump). Control the aerial space with this move.
  • Magna BunkerBack + Heavy Punch. Show your opponent you’re not afraid to go on the defensive.
  • Novacula SwipeForward + Medium Punch, Heavy Punch. A quick swipe to keep your opponent on their back foot.
  • Novacula ThrustForward, Medium Punch, Heavy Kick

She also has two throws moves under the belt:

  1. Mounted Grace – Forward + Light Punch + Light Kick
  2. Ponte Milvio – Back + Light Punch + Light Kick

Both throw moves are effective when the opponent gets closer.

Common Moves:

  • Drive Impact – Secutor – Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Drive Reversal – Love Tap – Forward + Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Drive Parry – Medium Punch + Medium Kick
  • Parry Drive Rush – Forward (x2) [While using Drive Parry]
  • Cancel Drive Rush – Forward (x2) [While using cancelable special move]

Best Street Fighter 6 Marisa Combos

After understanding all the moves of Marisa, let’s combine them into some powerful combos. Here are some that you can try out:

  • Falx Crusher: [Forward + x2 Heavy Kick] + Ponte Milvio: [Back + Light Punch + Light Kick]
  • Marisa Style: [Heavy Kick or Heavy Punch] + Meteorite: [Down + Down-Back + Back + Down]
  • Heavy Two Hitter: [Heavy Punch + Heavy Punch] + Caelum Arc: [Down + Heavy Punch]
  • Mounted Grace: [Forward + Light Punch + Light Kick]+ Drive Impact: Secutor [Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick]

How to Play Marisa in Street Fighter 6?

Marisa striking in SF6

So, you’ve picked Marisa in Street Fighter 6 and are ready to showcase some serious gladiatorial might. First off, remember, Marisa is all about aggressive play. She’s an incredible force, both offensively and defensively. She has a lot of blows that push her ahead, which makes it extremely difficult for others to retake possession.

Her basic attacks and special moves blend like a finely coded symphony, and if you can master this, you’ll be delivering damage like there’s no tomorrow. Here are a couple of her special moves to get you started:

  • Gladius: Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Punch
  • Dimachaerus: Down, Down-Back, Back + Punch, Forward + Punch
  • Quadriga: Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Kick

One of her defining features is Scutum’s abilities. These aren’t for show; they’re very effective in bypassing defenses. If your opponent thinks they’re safe hiding behind their block, let Marisa show them they’re wrong. Use these moves to tear through their defenses and keep the pressure on.

But remember, don’t get too carried away. Marisa can be said as close to a mid-range beast, but every warrior has a weakness. Keep an eye on your opponent, and don’t let them exploit any gaps in your defense.

So there you have it, the complete guide to playing Marisa in Street Fighter 6. She’s a fantastic character with a ton of potential, and with a bit of practice, you’ll be delivering knockouts in no time. Good luck, gamers, and may your combos always connect. Moreover, read our detailed Street Fighter 6 review and check out the guides given below.

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