Baldur’s Gate 3 Jaheira’s Hideout Pin Slot Puzzle Guide

Here's how to find Jaheira's secret hideout and find some rare and powerful items in Baldur's Gate 3.

By GamesRecon

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an RPG that’s all about exploring the amazing fantasy realm, and you’re not alone – you’ve got some pretty cool companions to join you on the journey. But along the way, you’ll stumble upon all sorts of secrets, tricky puzzles, and challenges that’ll put your skills to the test. One such challenge is the BG3 Pin Slot puzzle in Jaheira’s Hideout. It’s a secretive spot packed with awesome loot and some interesting lore. This guide will walk you through solving this puzzle so you can unlock all the great rewards in Jaheira’s Hideout.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Solve the Pin Slot Puzzle in BG3

Jaheira is a good and reliable Baldur’s Gate 3 companion you can team up with. She’s a half-elf druid with a deep connection to nature and animals, and a past shrouded in mystery. If you want to know about her secrets, you’ve got to check out her home at Elerrathin’s Home in Lower City during Act 3, where you’ll find the intriguing Pin Slot puzzle that leads to her secret hideout.

Your first step is to head into Jaheira’s Study, just on the left as you walk into the house. You’ll spot a table decked out with a book, a candle, and an empty pin slot. That pin slot is your ticket to revealing Jaheira’s Hideout, but you’ll need a special item ‘Harp-shaped Pin’ to unlock it.

Finding the Harp-Shaped Pin

Jaheira's talk with her child

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This is where Tate, one of Jaheira’s kids, comes into the picture; he’s there on the second floor, in his room. If Jaheira is part of your party, just have a chat with Tate, and he’ll hand over the Harp-shaped Pin after a quick conversation with his mom. If Jaheira’s not with you, no sweat – you’ll just have to flex your persuasive skills or, you know, steal it without asking.

Did you get the pin? Great! Head back to that study and enter the Harp-shaped Pin into the slot. This will reveal a secret passage behind the bookcase that leads to the hideout. But hold on, don’t just rush in – there are traps inside the hideout. If Jaheira’s with you, she’s got your back; she’ll disable them herself. If you don’t have her company, keep your eyes peeled and be ready to use your perception and thievery skills to dodge or disarm those sneaky traps.

Inside Jaheira’s Hideout

Talking with Postmaster Badger in Jaheira’s Hideout in BG3

Once you reach the Jaheira’s Hideout, you’re in for a treat. The place is a lush, serene spot, full of plants and critters. You can even chat with some of the animals, like the Postmaster Badger, to get the lowdown on Jaheira’s past. But let’s talk loot which is our main focus – because there are some very good things to obtain:

  • Belm: This rare Scimitar is a real gem, deals 7-15 nice damage, and adds a +1 bonus to your attack and damage rolls.
  • Staff of the Ram: It’s a Quarterstaff that deals 3-13 damage and has a +1 bonus. It packs a punch and lets you use Ram ability to push targets and deliver additional damage to the enemies.
  • Khalid’s Gift: This amulet is a lifesaver for Jaheira, keeping her curse-free and granting her the Aid Level 3 Abjuration spell to boost an ally’s hit points and AC.

Baldur's Gate 3 Pin Slot Puzzle Rewards

To get these items, you need to open the Opulent Chest and the Display Case. You’ll need a Thieves’ Tool or a key, which you can find hidden in some Loose Planks near the chest. But be careful – there’s a trap that could go boom if you mess up. But even if things get explosive, you can still grab the key.

And that’s how you complete Baldur’s Gate 3’s Pin Slot puzzle, scoring some awesome loot and fascinating lore in the game.